Richard Murphy says:
November 9 2019 at 5:12 pm

I can only presume you are either really very, very obtuse or really very, very stupid

Might you advise which?

11 thoughts on “Projection”

  1. Presimably this was said in reply to an intelligent, but opposing, comment.

    Any chance of us seeing what prompted this outburst of negative self-awareness?

  2. Think this might have been the text which offended Murphy..

    You mention Cash ISAs but they are completely different in risk profile to the bonds you are proposing which will be long dated to match the nature of the underlying infrastructure investment. The secondary market price of the bonds will be volatile and move with inflationary and interest rate expectations. Savers could only get there initial investment back at the end of the life . In the meantime there is a good chance if they wanted to sell before the maturity date they would suffer a capital loss. .. so Green bonds and cash ISAs are completely different… unless you are proposing the principal is capital guaranteed throughout its life?

  3. What interests me is his granite impermeability from crushing and humiliating criticism.

    Keep buggering on!

    Presumably, he feeds on it. It’s, again presumably, the only way.

    Hi, Newmania, fancy seeing you here!

  4. @Edward Lud – If he was impermeable he wouldn’t be so insulting. He’s just a vile self important narcissist so thin skinned it’s transparent -he’s pathetic. If it wasn’t for the sychophants we make up his commentators he’d shrivel up and die.

  5. I rather like him, Makes a fascinating psychological study.

    If I ever write a book about human psychological responses he would be a number of examples used.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    He’s mentioned a new book recently. I presume the working title isn’t “How to make friends and influence people”.

  7. @moqifen November 10, 2019 at 10:32 pm

    Shame. I was rather hoping it was WE and on some future day WE all confess on Ritchie’s blog threads

    Good time would be when he’s being interviewed live on BBC/ITV eg GMB with Piers

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