Side Project: Food Blog

Since 2006 we have been running a food blog consisting of restaurant reviews, recipes, wine tastings and general foodie blogging. It was the brainchild of Madsen Pirie and some of his friends. Its been on the back-burner since 2018 and we are looking to get it back up and running again. Would anyone be willing to contribute?

Another Food Blog

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5 thoughts on “Side Project: Food Blog”

  1. Happy to help. If you can get my ASI expense account and credit card set up, same limits as Mr Pirie appears to enjoy, judging from the blog, I’ll jump straight in!

  2. What would be more fun would be a free-market oriented food blog, along the lines of Digby Anderson’s old Spectator columns, where he managed to write about food in a very enjoyable but explicitly political way.

  3. Will you persist with the terse entries? I appreciate one doesn’t have to go all AA Gill, but ‘I went to X for lunch, ate Y – it was tasty’ isn’t giving your audience much.

    I’d be up for helping, however most of my reviews would be from foreign, due to living there.

  4. reviews also would be from foreign.

    But, hey, Normandy’s not far away, eh?

    (Tejas is, but there y’go)

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