Slightly sad

For some reason* the FT subscription barrier won’t let me through to see any further comments on Spudda’s letter yesterday. Anyone want to let us know if anyone else added anything?

*Probably because I don’t have a subscription to it…..

10 thoughts on “Slightly sad”

  1. Joe Strummer
    Of course it will be nonsense bringing carbon onto a balance sheet, far too opaque and complicated. Foe example Haulage companies would go bankrupt overnight so what happens then? Do we stop getting our produce from shops and supermarkets and start producing ourself. I don’t think Richard is employed by City University and i do know now he desperately trying to raise funding. “Sustainable accounting” is his latest attempt i suspect.

    LK Hyman
    Oh, please, no! Company balance sheets already contain a host of iffy numbers, assisted by the imprimatur of the big four auditors. To inflict yet more iffy numbers relating to climate change will simply make those balance sheets not worth the paper they’re written on.

    People need to focus on the blindingly obvious: 1) Introduce a global carbon tax 2) Provide other incentives for industry to pull their finger out and get decarbonising asap.

    I leave the details to others.

  2. Masterly kick to the nads delivered by Mr Strummer in his closing sentence. The sort of off the ball play even the referee would applaud..

  3. Verily as Christmas approaches it is indeed sad that a stocking filler that many, particularly Van Patten, would appreciate will not be ready in time for this year. But, there is next year to look forward to…

    Pilgrim Slight Return says:
    November 7 2019 at 11:49 am
    Do you have any plans for a book about your past profession and its problems? I fully agree with your post BTW.

    Richard Murphy says:
    November 7 2019 at 1:47 pm
    Oddly, I met my agent to discuss this last night…..

  4. I don’t know a good rant can be quite fun to read, sort of car crash type thing, and it would be interesting to see where the publisher had skirted libel, most probably by making them generic accusations rather than specific ones.

  5. Dennis, He Who Writes Very Blank Verse

    Actually, I think it would be great fun to have write a book on the current state of accountancy…

    And in the spirit it deserves, he might name it Accounting Gems.

    Richard Murphy
    Author and Accountant

    “I am your gracious Majesty
    ever faithful to Thee,
    Richard Murphy, the Poor Accountant,
    That lives in Ely.”

  6. Maybe not that odd, Dennis.. the Spud would love to see himself in dead-tree format.
    And we don’t know what the agent told the Spud about the chances anyone picking it up, unless he completely self-finances..

    If it ever manages to see the light it might even sell a bit as well..
    After all, every decent library should have a section of must-reads of How Not To Do It…

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