So, that’s the trannie sports problem solved then

Judit Polgar is talking about chess but it does solve the problem more generally:

When the Ladies Chess Club was founded in London in 1895 and the first international women-only competition took place two years later, most clubs and competitions didn’t accept women at all. Today, female players can often choose between a female-only section and an “open” section.

That’s that done then, now, this nuclear fusion thing…..

11 thoughts on “So, that’s the trannie sports problem solved then”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Thinking about it a bit further, under those conditions and in those games there’s no real advantage for average men to pretend to be women to get some glory.

    The 500th place man (or pair in bridge) aren’t going to walk in to a women only tournament and wipe the floor with them.

  2. It doesn’t solve the problem at all, because the trannies will all go for the women’s event. The way to solve it is to declare that men’s events are for biological males and women’s for biological females.

    This is a bit hard on genuinely intersex people, like Caster Semenya, but as (s)he seems to be the only one in competitive sport, it is probably for the best.

    My solution is fair and logical, however it would not really solve the problem, because the problem has been created by the mentally-ill, malicious and misogynistic. Like all the other intersectional ‘problems’ it is there to cause trouble and delight narcissists, deviants and shits.

  3. A general all-out social war on Marxist scum would solve the issue–as it is the scum of socialism who have created the issue by using trannies as a front for the enshrinement of Marxian subjectivist evil in law. Without the usual leftist chancers the entire sports etc question would never even have arisen.

    Break the left and resolve MOST of the issues plaguing society. As most are the left’s creation.

  4. Chess (and draughts too for that matter) is an expression of the patriarchy vanquished. Feminists and gayers should celebrate the supremacy of the queen.

    That apart, MC is quite right.

    The Open Section means that some competitors declare themselves to be men with willies from birth while the Ladies’ section “may contain nuts”.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    I can’t find the quote in her book but I think it was Sabine Auken, one of best women bridge players of her time, who said something about sometimes wanting to play in a more feminine atmosphere.

  6. Why not just have three categories.

    Mens – for men who are men
    Womens – for women who are women
    Other – open to anyone – men who are men, men who are pretend women, women who are women, women who are pretend men, people who are squirrels, etc

  7. “The way to solve it is to declare that men’s events are for biological males and women’s for biological females.”

    Assuming “males” simply meant “open to all”, agreed.

    And then let any other sub group create any event they want. Women, and let them define what it means, or left handed gingers, and let them define it, Miss World, etc. Even “biological males” even, if that floats boats.

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