Socialism – The Failed Idea That Never Dies

I’ve been looking for something new to read and considering grabbing Kristian Niemietz Socialism book from Amazon. Would you recommend it?

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  1. At any mention of his name you are supposed to ask “who funds you?”

    Lefties hate him so viscerally that it is sure to be a great read

  2. Would you say the NHS was failure ? Not perfect maybe but considerably better than what preceded it ? Would we still want children sent down mines as and when the demands of the profit motive required it. I would prefer mine were not included in the mining, so to speak
    Unpopular though welfare state may be the Dickensian world in which debt was a killer stalking any widow is surely not preferable is it ?
    In the US collective responsibility is outsourced the the legal profession and we have seen how wildly inefficient that is when it comes to providing health care for example .Those of you who think the US is the land of the Free seriously misunderstand this protectionist rule bound land of the Lawyer
    Socialism is not a failed idea , it isn`t one idea , a world without it is unimaginable. The planned economy has certainly failed throughout the 20th century but the immoderate ethnic Nationalism was equally a catastrophe and most of Tim`s readers seem perfectly happy to try that experiment again.

    I stick to the middle way .

  3. The idea that the NHS rescued UK citizens from a life as wheezing Victorian midgets is one of the many errors its lackwitted worshippers make. In its early stages the NHS nationalised an existing and successful network of doctors and hospitals. It built on this with modest success, until it lost control of its scope and its budgets. A dose of market accountability would do it the world of good. This is something many of our European neighbours have noticed of course…

    It is fascinating to witness Brexit Derangement Syndrome and its very real effect on the brain. One can imagine holes appearing as the condition works its malign magic.

    Poor old Newmania used to claim he was a solid one-nation conservative, betrayed by his own side. Now he’s going all giddy about the joys of Socialism. I suppose it doesn’t matter whether he’s forgotten what he used to believe or whether he’s forgotten to pretend.

    BDS is real. It leads to delusions and damp mattresses.

  4. I’m reading it at the moment the moment. Pretty good.

    As the author says, at the time there are plenty who applaud the socialist countries. It’s only when it all goes wrong that it turns out to be ‘not proper socialism’. He contrasts that you could never get away with saying Germany didn’t do ‘proper’ fascism or argue that we’ve never had ‘proper’ slavery.

    And makes the point that there is never a suggestion as to what economically the socialist countries should have done – for the simple reason that economically all the failed socialist countries DID have socialist policies. And it’s those that fail. And then the oppression starts.

    As for newmania’s strawman mines and NHS arguments. Fuck off. We couldn’t afford an NHS if we went socialist and the reason we don’t send kids down mines is nothing to do with socialism. It’s because our economy gives us the luxury that we don’t have to.

    Central planning – the very heart of socialism – results in failed economies.

  5. So, the only option that seemed to be available to Mr Blair was to take over the welfare state and hand it over to a private sector. As I have pointed out before, this was a highly unusual move and I would be happy to be corrected on this.
    But, it is very difficult to get a fair judgment on the privatisation of the NHS. The evidence that it has been a success is hard to find. The NHS was sold to a private firm but, the new company is called Circle. The reason for this is that in 2008 the Government was still a major shareholder in the company, despite it having had a takeover

  6. “Socialism is not a failed idea”

    No, because every time it is tried, it fails and then fuckwits like you defend it with the ‘not proper socialism’ bollocks.

    So it’s a self-fulfilling argument for the left.

  7. MC – The existing network of health provision was so successful, that every kind of politician ( including Churchill in his speech ‘after the war ‘ proposed a radical overhaul
    It may be regrettable that it fell into the hands of the hard left of the day but it performs well despite its Totalitarian DNA , if you will.
    If you look back at the emergence of the Labour Party in this country , combining Unions and socialist thought , surely no-one would call these heroes of the common man failures ?
    George Bernard Shaw , HG Wells , Sidney and |Beatrice Webb are easy to admire but isn`t time to admit that the Blair government with its accommodation of the market did a lot of good .
    In fact I would say that socialism and capitalism need each other

  8. Would you say the NHS was failure ?

    Mid Staffs
    Bristol Royal Infirmary
    Morecambe Bay Materinity Unit
    Gosport War Memorial Hospital
    Alder hey Children’s Hospital

    A failure? It’s a fucking catastrophe.

  9. My maternal grandfather, an avowed socialist and trade union man, hated going to hospital. He always referred to them a Bevan’s Concentration Camps.

  10. Two things the NHS succeeded in doing: making consultants wealthy and making GPs wealthy. That’s about all. A very strange definition of success even for an insurance-monger

  11. Oi, Crun, wot abaht Dr Shipman? The NHS is run so badly that a chap who murdered north of 250 patients was overlooked until he was spotted by Deborah Massey from Frank Massey and Sons funeral parlour, according to WKPD.

  12. It’s by Niemietz so it should be good. But then the paperback costs twice as much as my book, and the Kindle four times as much, plus mine will be funnier. And Niemietz already gets a salary. And he’s German.

  13. Facepainting fuckwit: Even if the NHS worked–which it don’t–150 million human beings murdered puts you and socialism intio the shitter where you belong.

    As for the existing health system–read “The Welfare State we are in”. The previous system worked well enough considering medicine was less advanced. Change was wanted to centralise matters so they would be more efficient. The dumb dipshit delusion at the black and evil heart of socilaismo. There were NO complaints about the existing systems in any of the reports of that era save that there was a 6 week waiting list for Rhuematiz treatment. Which treatment was ineffective then and is equally ineffective–and much more expensive –now.

    Someone on here I think pointed out that the scum of Labour were the LAST to endorse Beveridge because they thought med provision might delay their shite “Revoolution”. And that Bevan himself only wanted to end charity cases by paying the existing doctors etc out of taxes. He did not want the crappy soviet mess the NHS morphed into and still is. Now with bullshit elements of the scummy middle class Marxist vermin (like you Face) adding “privatised” corporate socialist farce to the awful mix. Six week waiting list for rhuematiz? My GP has a two week waiting list to see the import and three weeks for the native.

    Piss off Facepainter.

  14. The book has 4½ stars on Amazon, presumably from people who have actually read it. Don’t ask unwashed plebs like us, who will only judge it based on its cover.

  15. Ecks , the socialisation of Health provision in the UK predate the NHS and due to the increase of socialist inspired state provision about half the country had access to a GP and hospital free of charge by the time they were being told to go off and get shot at by your best friends, the Nazis .
    Would you say half was good enough?
    There was a political consensus among all Parties and across Europe that Health Care had to be reformed. I agree things might have worked out better …
    Where I differ form you is that I would rather that sick children were treated even if they are poor than left to die in agony from preventable illness just so you can stab your boot into their back and yell ” You should have paid your fucking insurance you stupid fucker ” ! their weeping parents stare at your inhumanity with uncomprehending despair ……

    Of course you are quite entitled to your cruel and disgusting wanky view and I would defend your right to express it

  16. Newmania,

    Can I recommend you read the free pdf of the book referred to in the OP?
    That’s what this post is about, rather than just the NHS.

    I don’t ask you to agree with it, just read it. You may – very likely will – maintain that it is talking about something other than just the NHS and that’s true, but only trivially so.

    “left to die in agony from preventable illness just so you can stab your boot into their back and yell ” You should have paid your fucking insurance you stupid fucker ” !”

    Now the hard question: how do you provide a system that does care for everyone without also creating horrible perverse incentives, producer capture, wasteful practices divorced from the needs of the people they are trying to treat and astonishing managerial bloat?

    Niemetz’s book shows why state/centrally planned organisations ALWAYS exhibit these problems and why these problems are harder to root out than in other polities.

  17. “There was a political consensus among all Parties … that Health Care had to be reformed”

    Untrue. Consider WKPD’s post on the Beveridge Report, a post of (I’d say) left-wing inclination, but one where truth keeps breaking through. It doesn’t make much of the point that the Conservatives and the Liberals adopted Beveridge’s conclusions early. It does, I suppose, admit that Labour opposed his ideas for a long time, caving in not long before the 1945 election, with the words “The Labour Party eventually also adopted the Beveridge proposals”.

    It makes it pretty clear that Labour went for the stupid, Stalinist option, though expressing it more mildly as:

    ‘Labour deviated from Beveridge in the state’s role: their leaders opposed Beveridge’s idea of a National Health Service run through local health centres and regional hospital administrations, preferring a state-run body. Beveridge complained about this: “For Ernest Bevin, with his trade-union background of unskilled workers… social insurance was less important than bargaining about wages.”‘

  18. The founding principle of the NHS is theft.

    Theft of land and buildings from mutual funds and private companies which provided very good care for their subscribers.

    What replaced it, sucked it dry over decades, living off its reputation and now exists as a defective organization parasitizing on the state whilst providing dire care. Bevan was a cunt who produced this mess, driven by envy and spite.

  19. Hector Drummond said:
    “Niemietz … he’s German.”

    I thought he was Swiss, but I can’t remember where I got that idea from.

  20. I think I’ve read some of this book in the form of his essays at the IEA website (if not, the same praise still applies). He’s very good at exposing the deluded mindset of Commies who always think that next time it’ll work. And he’s a very clear and engaging writer. It’s been on my ‘To Buy’ list for a while, although I’m not buying any books at the moment due to lack of funds.

    He also takes the Commies on on their own patch (at conferences, etc.), which is to be congratulated.

  21. @Henry Crun November 13, 2019 at 1:07 pm

    …Eight hour waits in A&E
    12 month wait to see a Neurologist and be told “Too late now, can’t fix it”
    GP Home visit rare/gone, don’t worry you’ll be Dead soon

    “A failure? It’s a f*cking catastrophe.”

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