Central European governments have been systematically abusing the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy to enrich family members and political allies, an investigation claims.

Why wouldn’t the political class dive into a pot of free money?

Prominent beneficiaries reportedly include Andrej Babis, the billionaire prime minister of the Czech republic, who the paper says is linked to a company that received at least $42 million (£32 million) in subsidies last year.

Lukáš Wagenknecht, a senator from the opposition Pirate Party, last week filed a complaint against the European Council saying it should not allow Mr Babis to take part in the bloc’s budget discussions because his Agrofert conglomerate receives tens of millions of Euros in subsidies annually.

It owns a lot of land. Subsidies are paid to those who own land. And?

4 thoughts on “Sure, right”

  1. I wonder why they’re highlighting Mr Babis? It’s not as if French, Spanish, Italians and Greeks haven’t been doing it for decades.

    ” Babiš rejected the European Union’s refugee quotas, saying: “I will not accept refugee quotas [for the Czech Republic]. … We must react to the needs and fears of the citizens of our country. We must guarantee the security of Czech citizens. Even if we are punished by sanctions.” ”


    They surely wouldn’t target anti-immigration politicians like that.

  2. Talking of Central Europe, some moron in a Telegraph obituary the other day revealed that he thought Benes had been president of Yugoslavia. Maybe they all look the same, them Slavs?

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    This has been going on since we joined the EC and every time it blows up we get weasel words.

    Remain and reform has to be the most insulting of all the Remain positions. I can live with those who want to go full Federal EU because they’re honest and know where its going, the rest are deluded fools, at best.

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