That’s fairly aware

Teenager stabbed to death at council-run knife awareness course for young offenders, police reveal

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  1. And his friends express their displeasure with… the staff who should have KNOWN they needed to search the little darlings!

    “Friends of Hakim reacted with anger yesterday. Selina Clarke, 18, who went to school with him, said: ‘I am more angry it happened in a knife crime meeting and they were so careless not to check.

    ‘You would think they would do security checks, especially given the people involved in it. They cannot have been searched properly otherwise they would have seen the knife. It is so simple to put checks in place like a pat-down or a metal detector that could have stopped it.’

    I thought it was raciss! to suggest they should be searched…?

  2. Selina Clarke, 18, from West Drayton, who went to secondary school with Hakim, said the council should have made sure there were no weapons being carried by people attending the course.

    yeah yeah, our fault again, of course. Never theirs, always ours.

  3. “Hakim, who was “always smiling and positive”, played football for his school team and had been awarded an apprenticeship to become an electrical engineer, friends said.”

    .. before police told him out of the blue that he would be required to attend a knife awareness course.

  4. Spins wheel between “promising footballer” and “aspiring rapper” – ends up on “promising footballer”

  5. If these young offenders weren’t aware of knives before, they are now. So taxpayers’ money has not been wasted.

  6. So does every knife awareness course end in a stabbing?

    How else do they learn?

    They won’t be able to force anyone else to attend now..

  7. “Now class — the important lesson to take away from this course is to be aware that that knives can hurt people. Hakim, please come over here. Let me demonstrate.”

  8. @Gamecock November 9, 2019 at 1:34 pm

    I’m probably going to be sorry I asked, but WTF is ‘knife awareness?’

    Be aware knives are on the loose, they can crawl through your letter box or other small openings, if a mouse can then a knife can.

    Rentokill can supply knife poison and knife traps.

    Oh, Mrs Pcar pointed out knives are inanimate objects; as are forks, skewers, screwdrivers and hammers

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