The Andrew C solution to climate change

Yes, this works:

The best thing St Greta can do on her cross Atlantic trip is to become a pirate.

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  1. Problem being that the graph from which the conclusion is drawn is hopelessly wrong in its estimates of the number of “pirates”..

    For the year 2000 it claims that there were 17 “pirates” – now that may be so in the case of “Aharr Jim Laad”, one-wooden-leg and parrot on shoulder “pirates”, boating about the Caribbean in square-riggers, but it takes no note of the large number of modern pirates that can be found ambushing (or at least attempting to) commercial shipping (especially tankers) in south east asian and indian seas, africa and the red sea or those who prey on recreational sailors off the coast of south and central america.

    For full details see the ICC at


  2. @ Baron Jackfield

    Conclusive proof that modern pirates are irrelevant to global warming but that traditional pirates are the key.

    Or that the graph is tongue in cheek.

  3. MC: of the Barbary variety. There’s a passage in one of Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle trilogy where the protagonist gets kidnapped by Barbary Pirates. I’m sure Greta would fit right in.

  4. Bloke in Germany in Hong Kong


    Don’t post-millennial lasses go all wet-gusstted at the thought of being taken by the barbarys landlubbing kin?

  5. By the by, more on Frank Dobson and his council flat. According to the Tel’s obit it would seem that he was in charge of the “municipalisation” that stole the flat from its owner and took it into the possession of Camden Council. How lucky that he should just happen to be the tenant, eh?

    Moreover “he took a keen interest init the British Library project – not least because siting it beside the British Museum as originally planned would have destroyed his home”.

    Ain’t socialists wonderful?

  6. BTW pastafarianism is clear that numbers of pirates is linked to climate change

    The highest number of pirates are in Somalia – which makes the least contribution to global CO2 levels


  7. One of the jokes a candidate got into trouble for was saying that the Somalis had apologised to the Olympic committee as they didn’t realise sailing and shooting were separate sports.
    Which wasn’t bad for a wannabe politician

  8. Greta Thunberg is a hero for fighting for environment. The environmental damage from climate change could kill billions of people, and destroy entire civilizations.
    Mr Ecks and MC. I have one thing to say to you you are being very evil creeps in insulting a school girl in that way,

  9. The best thing St Greta can do on her cross Atlantic trip is to become a Saint by dying.

    Think of the children – 70 years of a living Greta’s CO2 emissions saved


    Good link, thx

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Apparently St Greta’s hitched a lift on a big catamaran that’s a livaboard for an Aussie couple with a baby who make their living producing videos and collecting donations on Patreon. No mention of St Greta on their website yet.

    And true to form, she may no be flying but ….

    Greta’s father Svante Thunberg and British yachtswoman Nikki Henderson joined the La Vagabonde crew, raising questions about whether they flew across the pond only to sail back.

    They probably need Nikki because the couple appear to be relatively inexperienced for those conditions and it would be tough with just the 2 of them and a baby.

    Its unlikely they’ll get across without using the diesel engines or diesel heaters as well.

    As one commentator on the sailing forum put it:

    “Just looked at a forecast for northern Spanish coast with gusts nearly to 60 knots and 10 metre swells due tomorrow. I am very glad to be sitting at home with a roaring log fire!!”

  11. Pcar you are being a creepy supporter of murder there. You are every woman’s worst nightmare.
    You should be reported to the police.

  12. Henry Crun
    So this is how you talk to women.
    You sound like an unhappy man.
    You are filled with hate towards those who reject you.

    Greta is a great woman. She is saving the environment. She is trying to stop an extinction that could wipe out billions and human civilization, and you dare to call her a freeloader. Grow up, you unhappy frustrated man. .

  13. Susan

    “So this is how you talk to women.”

    Is this when you are not identifying as Dick…

    Actually, good spoof..:)

  14. Susan, Barnes, no it isn’t how I talk to women, just idiots, morons and fuckwits.

    Greta saving the environment? How? please show your workings.

  15. Assuming Susan Barnes is not a troll and genuine in her comment:

    Greta is a school dropout, mentally disturbed, and a minor. Ignorant of the world, she has nothing to contribute and merely spouts the script of her handlers, whose motives are suspect.
    Her “visions” are normal for religious mania however.
    She needs to finish her education and learn something of the world. Work experience on a farm, maybe. Learn just how hard agriculture is – without diesel.

    She is being used by her handlers to peddle a discredited ‘end of the world’ meme that, after 30 years, has singularly failed to demonstrate any reality, though it has made a number of the instigators very wealthy.

    There is nothing to fear from Global Warming, but everything to fear from the Pol Pot “Year Zero” doctrine Greta espouses. Carrying capacity of a pre-industrial world is around 0.1% to 1% of current world population, so over 99% must die to achieve her utopia.
    Except most of the world is too poor and sensible to care about this aberration. They care about eating, heating and drinking water. Only rich and pampered westerners are infected, though many others pretend to be, looking for the trough.

    Pcar’s comment was not an advocation of murder as you claim, but a comment upon the primary requirement of Sainthood, which has passed her attention by. It was also an observation of the extreme danger of saling a small boat across the Atlantic in winter. I worked for years with some serious yotties, and they wouldn’t have dreamt of this, even with their experience. To take a child as a passenger!!!
    They face a very significant chance of death. If there are any survivors, they should face manslaughter charges.

  16. PF. I think you upset from all the women who laugh at you for your short comings. LOL.

    Henry Crun It is how you talk to women. You are a creepy psychopath.

    Plus you must be one of the stupidest people on the planet if you do not understand how Greta is saving the environment.

  17. Susan, you silly darling, you can’t even follow a simple blog post.

    “kill billions of people, and destroy entire civilizations.” “wipe out billions and human civilization,”

    You carelessly used the same style / words as “Richard” West (I assumed his friends call him Dick), hence my comment on your apparent gender confusion….

    OK, come on, own up – Steve, it is you, isn’t it, pulling our plonkers on a Friday afternoon..?? 🙂

  18. @BiND

    Greta Thunberg hitches catamaran ride to UN climate conference in Madrid
    Greta Thunberg is fleeing North America in style. After her pals at the UN pulled a fast one on her and moved the COP25 conference from Chile to Madrid, Greta needed to return to her home continent.

    @Susan Barnes November 15, 2019 at 11:54 am

    Murder? Where did I suggest that? Drowning/martyrdom are my preferences.

    @November 15, 2019 at 2:23 pm

    You’re a gullible fool

    @Tim the Coder November 15, 2019 at 3:26 pm

    +1 and thanks

  19. “I have one thing to say to you you are being very evil creeps in insulting a school girl in that way”

    Speaking of very evil creeps, hiding behind a school girl qualifies you.

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