The only liberal in the village

This might be a little over the top. A description of me via email:

I think your unique selling point is you not your content. I don’t read and donate (occasionally) to the CT because the content is great but because you are the only liberal journalist left.

Should I start wearing a cape?

7 thoughts on “The only liberal in the village”

  1. just not your underwear over your tights or you will get complaints. Sounds like a pretty good description of you though

  2. The problem is that people on the far right often frame their attacks on fundamental Liberal values in terms of a grumble about some largely imaginary Liberal establishment which is trying to make them call people heshe .
    Brendan O Neill a militant atheist and Trotskyist who , like many of his kind in 1930s Germany, feels just as comfortable in the ethnic collectivism of the far right is usually banging this baby drum for profit and pleasure. There may , for example who in some disembodied way are troubled by “social coherence “, I get that . The overwhelmingly more common use of that word however is to kick up the shit about some dark skinned immigrant group.
    So which is Mr Worstall, a man so shocked and alarmed by gender fluidity ( a conpcet I only know of from the media in the first place ) or a timid Fascist taking rabbit punches at the thew eediest and least important of Liberal values.

    Bit of both maybe

  3. Newmania, can you define the far right and tell us what you think they believe in? Definitions of far right are far rarer than accusations.

  4. You can tell Newmania has never done any programming of any sort. It’s the way he flees from definitions.
    If it helps, ‘liberal’ in the context of Mr Worstall is spelt with a lower case ‘l’. If there are statist Americans in the debate then it can be helpful to put the word ‘classical’ in front of it.

  5. Tim’s not the only liberal journalist. Another Tim is too. Tim Pool is another good journalist to follow.

  6. Tim Newman’s is another good (small “L”) liberal blog… Despite his somewhat morbid fascination with “polyamory”. 🙂

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