There’s a youtube clip hoping we can find

From 9 th November 1989 – obviously the clip, not the YouTube posting of it.

Berlin Wall. Workers remonstrating with the border guards. The news has come out that the Wall is to be open at midnight. The guards haven’t heard of it, or don’t believe it. They say to everyone “Go home” or summat. And the crowd laughs.

I’ve used it before and now can’t find it. The point being that once people laugh at the police then it’s all over.

Anyone with better search skills than me able to find it?

11 thoughts on “There’s a youtube clip hoping we can find”

  1. You can always tell a socialist regime. It’s the one where the border guards face inwards, to prevent the citizens leaving.

    I visited the East German border in the 80s, in a small provincial town rather than Berlin. The eastern side had: a mile or so of perfectly straight road; huge concrete blocks that could be moved into the road in a matter of seconds; a wide strip of ploughed land that we were told was full of landmines; rolls and rolls of barbed wire; and hundreds of heavily armed guards.

    The western side had a wooden bar across the road to mark the border. The handful of guards on this side were there to welcome anyone that made it through alive.

  2. I grew up watching East German, Polish, Czech etc children’s programmes, my favourite was the Sandmann (Unser Sandmannchen).

    Western TV adverts could be seen in Estonia and people there could see the equivalents of Tesco and Sainsburys advertising butchers and meat counters. Government! How can this be? Why don’t we have food and stuff like that in our shops? —-the answer was “it is capitalist propaganda aimed at you, it is not real, they don’t have shops like that”. But of course people knew. A fashion item was a plastic carrier bag with a western logo, say a supermarket, one could get a few bottles of vodka in exchange, and throw in a pair of Wranglers or Levis and a local tart could be had for the whole night.

  3. @BiW “You can always tell a socialist regime.It’s the one where the border guards face inwards…”

    Also, when it fails, it turns out it wasn’t a proper socialist regime after all.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Thank’s DocBud, a nice reminder of that night. I suspect like most I sat up enthralled at those events unfolding.

    “The freedom does not need papers” should be the response to all authoritarians.

  5. “Not exactly, exactly, the clip but yes, right place, right time.”

    If you browse through the selection of suggested other items you tube puts up on the right hand menu you will probably find the one you are looking for

  6. Not exactly, exactly, the clip but yes, right place, right time.”

    did you look at time 4.03? big crowd of people. Border Guard says something about coming back.(presumably you’re only allowed to go if we’re sure you’ll come back) Herr Mullet in the second row says laughingly yes we’re all going to come back, and reaches out claps the border guard on the shoulder.

  7. Hb “presumably you’re only allowed to go if we’re sure you’ll come back”

    The subtitles suggest the opposite: if you go your passport is stamped so you can never return.

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