This is indeed true

And sometimes they kill themselves post-transition because while transition may fix your body, it doesn’t fix the world around you. That world is often hateful, and not everybody is strong enough to endure it.

A point that quite a lot of people keep making. Changing gender might not actually be the solution to the problems that afflict.

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  1. Working from memory here, so details may be a little off, but I remember many years ago some medical/psychological association noted that transition surgery didn’t appear to help. Those who had surgery were no happier or better adjusted than those who hadn’t (might even have been slightly worse). Therefore, they suggested these surgeries should stop or at least not be promoted so vigorously.

  2. while transition may fix your body

    Being hit by an Austin Allegro “may” also “fix” your body, but it’s not generally recommend even for Leylandsexuals.

  3. Dennis, He Who Is Bored of and by LGBT+ Whining

    Esteban: John Hopkins Hospital who pioneered the surgery.

    That’s correct. And as Esteban notes, JH’s study showed no difference in overall happiness or wellbeing between those who had surgery and the control group. JH no longer offers the surgery, as they have deemed it unnecessary in all cases.

  4. ‘2019 isn’t over yet but so far 331 trans people have been murdered, hanged or lynched. Those are just reported and recorded crimes; the real number is higher.’

    I require some documentation to believe that.

    Wait . . . I wouldn’t believe ever with documentation.

  5. A quick google reveals the number of transgenders or patients wanting GRS in the UK as about 15,000.
    Roughly 0.025% of the population then.
    Don’t they make an awful lot of noise for a tiny minority!

  6. Werewolf, vampire and zombie syndromes are all medically recognised conditions.You’ll be relieved to hear that modern vampires only drink the blood of consenting adults. (So touchy feely!)
    No doubt they face misunderstanding and prejudice and should be added to the LGBT+WVZ list so that we can have a full alphabet of victimhood.

  7. Philip Scott Thomas

    You’ll be relieved to hear that modern vampires only drink the blood of consenting adults.

    Unless, of course, they have, like Lady Margola, signed the pledge.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m confused, easily done, I know.

    I thought sex was between your legs and gender between your ears? In which case aren’t we talking about sex reassignment surgery as their gender remains the same.

  9. BinD – Sex is what you are. Chromosomes are the key. Chopping yer nads off and turning an outy into an innie (badly) doesn’t change that – it just makes you a bit of an oddball. You can’t reassign sex. It should be called NRS – Nads Rearrangement Surgery. You are right about gender not needing to change because it already has.

  10. It’s a matter of the assessment process chosen those for which it is the right so,Union – and providing the necessary counselling to both those for which it is appropriate, and those for whom it is not.

    Not tonight, Josephine.

    There’s about as much medical evidence in support of cock-chop surgery as there is to recommend leeches or lobotomies. The NHS’s embrace of gender madness is a yuge scandal which will end up in lawsuits and possibly jail time.

    It’s not actually a medical procedure at all, except in the horrifying Mengelian sense. Being male or female isn’t a disease, and there’s no cure.

    Mental illness, otoh, can be managed successfully with drugs, therapy, and a social infrastructure that encourages normality and discourages weirdos.

  11. ‘In the US, where “trans panic” – “I discovered she was trans and I was so upset I stabbed her 27 times in self-defence’

    Never heard of it, this “trans panic.”

    But I recognize “trans trickery.” Leading a man on sexually when you are not a female is risky behavior.

    And this is ‘Merica. We’d shoot ’em. Stabbing them is a Brit thing.

  12. Gamecock–Stabbings are an imported gangster thing.

    Phillip–The noise is being made by their Marxist handlers. There are a few trannies fronting for the crew but the machine behind the noise and the rapid spread of institutional deference to delusion is the work of leftist scum working another angle to destroy family life and undermine the normal and sane.

    Past time action was taken against the scum of the left. They should be no more acceptable in society than are their national socialist offspring.,

  13. It’s the search for a solution, if only I do this then everything will be all right syndrome
    Then reality intrudes and men still don’t want to date you and definitely not marry you, there’s been a few trannies complaining that even post op they aren’t treated as women and it’s all transphobia etc. There’s a line been quoted on here before about pretty boys becoming ugly women.
    It’s the crushing of that hope that the surgery would fix everything that causes the problems, not helped by the medical profession telling you it will.

  14. Josephine,
    Your linked study doesn’t have a control group. Their mental health might have improved merely by virtue of the teenage years ending, even without surgery.

  15. Bloke in North Dorset

    In related news, remember this story?

    I’m Harry. @HarryTheOwl. You may recall that I got into bother for liking a limerick on Twitter and the problem hasn’t gone away.

    My retweeting of a gender critical verse apparently so enraged someone that they felt it their civil duty to engage the police. The police duly obliged. But I’m not going to take this kind of Orwellian thought policing lying down.

    Launching legal challenge in the High Court against Humberside Police and, more importantly, against The College of Police who issue Police Guidelines to get those guidelines declared unlawful. Now I need your support.

    These Guidelines, forced upon police forces, are systematically used to shut down lawful discussion. They weaponise the police in favour of one group at the expense of another. They trample over our tradition as free people to engage in political debate without fear of arrest, coercion or intimidation from the police.

    The case started today and isn’t alone in testing censorship:

    Official police guidance on recording hate incidents against transgender people imposes a “substantial chilling effect” on freedom of expression, the high court has been told by lawyers representing a former officer.

    Index on Censorship is supporting both Miller and Forstater. Speaking outside court, its chief executive, Jodie Ginsberg, said: “It is … of vital importance to understand the interaction between lawful speech on social media platforms and the chilling effect from police investigations into such speech.”

    Worth following given their importance in the free speech debate, one we’re losing.

  16. Josephine’s argument seems all too familiar – “but that wasn’t real Socialism”. The next time it’ll work, because reasons. Sure, these surgeries don’t help, but if we carefully sift through them & pick just the right few cases, voila!

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