This isn’t actually true

It’s everywhere. Comedy gigs, TV shows, newspapers. A constant drumbeat of trans people are this, trans people are that, trans people aren’t really people.

That last part.

We all entirely agree that trans people are indeed people. God’s Special Little Snowflakes, just as with every other one of us, the emphasis on the us part of it. The quibbles are at a slightly more granular level of detail than that.

6 thoughts on “This isn’t actually true”

  1. I’m ashamed and embarrassed because for most of my life I’ve been told that people like me are shameful and embarrassing.

    Raises an interesting question tho. Why does shame exist?

    You’d probably get very different answers from God-botherers and evolutionary psychologists, but I reckon it amounts to the same end: shame is good for you.

    Shame is the emotional equivalent of an electrified fence that gives you an unpleasant zap when you’ve done something wrong in the eyes of your social group. Since most of us literally can’t survive for long without the cooperation of our peers, this is a highly useful mechanism for both the individual and society.

    Better for Stig to feel ashamed of, and modify, his own mammoth-shagging habit before the tribe gets sick of his preversions and exiles him.

    If you don’t feel shame, you might be a sociopath or narcissist.

    The problem with modern society isn’t shame, it’s too little shame. This is what the “permissive society” old fuddy duddies were bemoaning 30 years ago means. The absence of shame removes a critical component that exists to help make society sustainable.

  2. A constant drumbeat of trans people from people like her.

    Thank Steve’s God that I never hear any of it.

    More likely, she’s lying.

  3. Transhumanism means “beyond (and by implication better than) human”, must be Troo, Radio Four told me at the weekend. The transcarpathian lands are the lands beyond and far past the Carpathian mountains. Trans-nationalism is a state of being beyond and leaving behind nationalism. So clearly a transwomen is a person beyond womanhood, abandoning it and leaving it behind in their wake, formerly woman but now no longer; a transman is a person beyond manhood, similarly striding mightily past and beyond manhood, formerly man but now no longer.

  4. FO loudmouth. Who gives a f**k?

    Timmy, stop posting his sh1t. More important issues abound eg

    Brexiteers React to Brexit delay – an inclusive Multi-Culti video

    If it must be TS:
    Trans Athlete: “Women Who Can’t Beat Me Are Losers”

    @Hector Drummond November 4, 2019 at 12:36 pm

    +1 and drunk girls lying in gutter vomiting

    @Anon for the mo November 4, 2019 at 6:24 pm

    Wellll, yes. However, on left words means whatever lefty utterer means now, it changes next time it utters

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