This sounds fun

Can anyone join in?

KPMG to cull a tenth of its UK partners as part of overhaul

Are accounting partners protected under the hunting with dogs stuff? What’s the recommended method of putting them out of their misery? Forcing them to read the Joy of Tax?

8 thoughts on “This sounds fun”

  1. Given Murphy trained at a predecessor of what is now KPMG, and seems to hold it in more contempt than the others of the Big 4, he might have had spontaneous emissions at this welcome news.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset


    Didn’t he also brag that he been told he’d be on fast track for partner, or something similar?

  3. BiND, once they’d rumbled that he was an incompetent loon they put him on the fast track for the out door most likely.

  4. I’d pay really good money to shoot some knowall ignorant “management” “consultants”. Parasitic corporate astrology if you ask me.

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