Want to write Manga?

A slow afternoon and so browsing the jobs boards. At which point:

Looking for Romance/Mystery Writers for Japan Anime/Manga App Games

We are a Japanese game developer in Akihabara, Tokyo.

We are looking for scenario writers in German or English.
Romance game scenario writing (creative writing) in German or English.

The pay is entirely shit. But perhaps the fun of writing the scenario – ie, not the actual storyboards – for a manga attracts?

7 thoughts on “Want to write Manga?”

  1. Boy meets machine, girl meets evil man, boy rescues girl with machine, boy and machine live happily ever after.

  2. Congrats Tim! I think you might have found a new low in per word rates!

    Once you include the cost of bed and board, I reckon slave scribes of the ancient world earned more.

  3. Spudda’s rather good at fantasy and romantic dreamscapes. This could be the septagonal hole into which he would fit perfectly.

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