Well, OK then

Less than a third of sexual violence reports in New Zealand lead to a court case, and only 11% to a conviction, the most comprehensive analysis ever undertaken in the country has found.

The Ministry of Justice report, which looked at tens of thousands of cases over four years, “does not make for happy reading” and highlighted just how many people face barriers to justice, said Jan Logie, under-secretary to the minister of justice.

The report, called Attrition and Progression: Reported Sexual Violence Victimisations in the Criminal Justice System, looked at 23,739 claims of sexual violence reported to police between July 2014 and June 2018. For every 100 cases, 31 reached court and only six resulted in a jail term. Of all cases, nearly two-thirds involved a child.

Seems better than the average 4%* or so convictions we get for reports of burglary in the UK…..

*Mebbe right, mebbe not…..

11 thoughts on “Well, OK then”

  1. Notice the BBC is running with gang rapists in Spain acquitted which is very misleading as they were found guilty of sexual abuse. As with the cases a while back the Spanish distinguish rape cases based on if violence/physical coercion was involved, as long as they are still locking people up it’s all just definitions, like degrees of murder.
    Seems there’s a determined effort outside Spain to have them change their rape law definitions though.
    The BBC headline is really misleading and fake news

  2. “Less than a third of sexual violence reports in New Zealand lead to a court case”: I can see that that is disappointing if you believe all the reports. But what if many of them are false? Shouldn’t you then celebrate that many didn’t reach court?

  3. Bloke in North Dorset


    Shouldn’t false reports also lead to a court case of either wasting police time or whatever charge is appropriate for making false allegations?

  4. Direction of movement would seem to be important, as has been noted the widening of definitions by the media, but not the law, have lead to increases in reporting in the U.K. which impacts the overall court cases and conviction statistics.

  5. ‘To be fair, it’s difficult to collect evidence from sheep.’

    Thank you, Steve. I’m an Aussie and I didn’t think of that one!!

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