Where the hell does he come up with these ideas?

Johnson is a climate denier. You can’t refuse to engage with this issue and be anything else. No doubt he is so for all the reasons all those on the right who deny the reality of the climate crisis are. They believe the neoclassical economic assumption that nature is a free gift provided to us (presumably by a paternalistic god) to use without consequence, and that if there is any consequence then the market can in any case instantly correct it.

Externalities, Pigou taxation, that’s all neoclassical stuff. Entirely standard stuff too. What is this drivel he’s on about? As I’ve noted before, this stuff is taught in GCSE economics too.

13 thoughts on “Where the hell does he come up with these ideas?”

  1. ‘Johnson is a climate denier. You can’t refuse to engage with this issue and be anything else.’

    You could be a . . . scientist.

  2. I’ve told you his heads gone..this election will push him to the brink. He is becoming more irrational and incoherent by the day

  3. Dennis, Climate-Change Denying Fruitcake

    What is this drivel he’s on about?

    I suspect it has to do with the state of his bank balance.

  4. Paul

    Indeed, you’re right.

    I believe this often happens to people who have no-one who keeps them grounded and reasonable and Murphy is, largely by his own choice, alone.

    The model train enthusiast has gone off the rails

  5. @Dennis

    Spud doesn’t need to worry about his bank balance. He can print all the money he needs. Or something.

  6. There was no denier present, and no sceptic. There was no questioning the veracity of the whole climate emergency claim. Due diligence? You might need that for a company takeover, but not if your aim is to reverse the industrial revolution and destroy the economy of the world.

    Aks for experimental proof, and see how thin the response is. Never take anything they claim as even discussable without proof.

    And Boris might indeed be a closet denier but that is not as shameful as believing the farrago of crap without proof.

  7. C4 News: Snow – Attentwat interview

    Atten “I haven’t eaten meat for a long time; years, many years. I’m not a vegan and don’t study ingredients; but I haven’t eaten red meat for months”

    Is Atten saying Red Meat is not Meat – or is he virtue lying?

  8. My economics for dummies text book has ’10 ideas to hold dear’
    1. Society is better off when people pursue their own interests
    2. Free markets require regulation
    3. Growth depends on innovation
    4, Freedom and democracy make us richer
    5. Educations raises living standards
    6. IP protection promotes innovation
    7. Weak property rights are bad for the environment
    8. International trade is a good thing
    9. Free enterprise does badly at providing public goods
    10. Something about preventing inflation being easy if central banks are independent operationally and told to keep prices stable no matter what government decides.
    I like 10 but don’t it doesn’t fit well into the list as it’s too many words.

    So we can make a 3*3 bingo card, call it a Snippa bingo card, and by Friday we’ll have a full house of assertions against all of them.

  9. For a debate on the environment, the Conservatives sent along the Secretary of State for the Environment. Sensible? Yes, much too sensible – Corbyn et al refused to let him take part in the programme

  10. Insanity has spread to the (separated) missus as well. Up to a few months ago, she had maybe a few dozen tweets over the years the account has existed. Just looked today, it’s up to 10.3K tweets, a lot of left wing retweeting plus tons of bile and vitriol.

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