Americans don’t get all the subtleties of British slang

Of course, they shouldn’t either, they’re different languages.

But this:

In just the last few weeks, Buttigieg—a mild-mannered Midwesterner who has been tucking in his shirt since grade school—has sparked blinding, irrational hatred from the online left.

Buttigieg is gay – not exactly a revelation at this stage – and one of the English slang words for gay is “shirtlifter”.

It’s only worth a “tee hee” not even a “snigger” but there is a mild amusement at that US description of how square and cornbread the guy is…..

29 thoughts on “Americans don’t get all the subtleties of British slang”

  1. In his defence (or “defense”), I’m pretty sure the guys with kettles are merely the political wing of the Salvation Army.

  2. I worked with a bloke from Northern Ireland who used the term “shirtlifter” to refer to a particularly energetic fart. It took us some time to work out we were talking at cross-purposes. He agreed that the quiet colleague who liked musicals was probably a shirtlifter, and we laughed when we thought he had accused someone of being gay just because they had broken wind.

  3. But shirtlifter is a subset of male gayness – the active dominant giver of the cock, so does not apply to the passive taker of the cock, who is, to use one description, a pillow biter

  4. I think this joke was from Dead Ringers and has to be done in Alan Bennett’s voice.

    “Thora Hird, Peter Sallis and me recently went to a fete jointly organised by the Dales Horticultural Society and the employees of a local soft caramel manufacturer. It was lovely to see so many uphill gardeners and fudge packers in the same place.”

  5. In this case it’s not so much that Americans don’t get all the subtleties of British slang (although that’s also true), it’s more that Americans aren’t even aware of that particular Britishism.

    By the way – whatever happened to So Much For Subtlety?

  6. I’ve never heard the term before. When I went out to Australia for a couple of years way back when I was baffled that everyone was talking about poofters, whatever those were.

  7. BTW – I reckon the wokier-than-thou attacks on Buttgiggle aren’t really about him being a closet homeophobe. (Just as nobody really believes Kamala chameleon is racist against black men).

    They’re about him being yet another Wall Street friendly establishment Democrat. But it’s Current Year, so proggies feel it necessary to couch their criticism in the language of identity politics theodicy.

    It’s as tedious as it is gay.

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Even though Buttplug isn’t quite as lunatic as Warren or Sanders, he’s still an utterly horrendous Leftist and as such should be kept a long way from any real power. It’s a bit like how Kryten looks sane compared to Mong-Bailey, but if you listen to what he actually says it’s clear he’s just as doctrinaire a socialist.

  9. I read article and still have no idea what the perceived problem is. Can someone clarify please – Is he:

    Too gay, not gay enough?
    Too Left, not . enough?
    Too white
    Too charitable

    Anyway, the Left eating themselves and looking insane again, long may it continue

    @BF, Didn’t know that, or shirtlifter

    @Dennis December 22, 2019 at 4:31 pm

    AOC BA [Ritchie] Economics – she’d be running if old enough

    I rest my case

  10. AOC is batshit crazy, but…

    Give her time, Dennis – Jeremy was 65 when he did that. I imagine AOC will do something equally repugnant (or perhaps worse) before she is 45.

  11. Off Topic – “The Madness of King Spud”

    He’s still banging on about his Sustainable Cost Accounting idea.

    This is (in summary) that all businesses will have to provide in their balance sheet for the cost of becoming net carbon zero (not by off-setting but by changing the way it operates. That cost might make the business ‘carbon insolvent’ which under his plans could result in the business having to be wound up.

    Some people think that’s mad. But it would actually solve the climate crisis. Two of the biggest carbon producing industries are electricity + Heat (24.9%) and Agriculture (13.8%).

    There’s no way these industries could ever become net carbon zero. Just not possible with current or even imagined technology. So they would have to cease.

    And with no electricty, heat or food, billions would die.

    And with hardly anyone left alive, man’s contribution to climate change would cease.

    And he gets grants to produce this shit.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    Andrew C,

    Two of the biggest carbon producing industries are electricity + Heat (24.9%) and Agriculture (13.8%).

    There’s no way these industries could ever become net carbon zero. Just not possible with current or even imagined technology. So they would have to cease.

    I remain to be convinced, but when I heard someone talking about the benefits of regenerative agriculture it did seem to have promise and could even become “carbon negative” in that it would remove more CO2 than created. It wasn’t a green loony either, it was a serious scientist on Joe Rogan.

  13. I’ve just remembered: in the 80s Chelsra had ywo midfielders called Shirtliffe and Bumstead which caused much puerile amusement.

  14. Dennis, Etc., Etc., Etc.

    My last two colonoscopies were performed by Dr. Ransbottom and Dr. Stiff.

    And I’m not making that up.

  15. BiND: “regenerative agriculture”.

    If the claims are true, including, “it offers increased yields”, then great. Also, if that particular claim is true, no-one will need any convincing. It will just be done.

    So I will believe it when I see it.

  16. When I was a sixth-former (or whatever they’re called nowadays), in assembly we sat on the stage above the plebs in years 1-5 (as it then was).

    Occasionally, the captains of the football, rugby and cricket teams had to get up, stand next to the very Cantab headmaster and deliver some encomium to the fellows serving, as it were, under them.

    Cue a certain chap, or bloke. Who proceeded, aged 17-18, and if he is reading he will know who he is, to deliver a panegyric in favour of our boys. The ensuing match report, concerning the activities of the other side’s star performers, Bellend and Luvvit, gave me the single greatest exercise in physical self-control over the urge to snigger that I have ever known.

  17. BiND,

    “Regenerative agriculture”, from the link, seems to be ummmm… a work in progress, full of pious hopes and short on data.

    If there is data – both “what to do” and “how much better this is than the usual way” – I’d be delighted to read it.

  18. Andrew C said:
    “I remember when Mike Bassett accidentally picked Ron Benson and Tony Hedges for England.”

    Wonder if something like that could be a way round the tobacco advertising ban?

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