Boris is right

Of course the BBC Licence fee is a tax:

The BBC licence fee could be scrapped under a Conservative Government, as Boris Johnson branded it a “tax” and questioned how long such a funding system could be justified.

Gordon Brown defined it as a tax.

9 thoughts on “Boris is right”

  1. If Boris goes on a Thaterite rampage, even just a small one on the media and judiciary, I will love it……

  2. So long as it then becomes funded by subscription rather than being absorbed into general taxation

    I would rather see the TV tax halved just so we can observe where they make savings.

  3. From the audience figures and spending I worked out that Radio 4 would cost me something like 25p a week for my fix of More Or Less and ISIHAC.

  4. @Ken December 10, 2019 at 10:08 am

    Not only is it a tax, it is a regressive one to boot. Along with all the green energy surcharges.

    Spot on


    Damn, you’ve spiked my earlier post on diff thread

    @Mr Ecks

    Close? No. Sell it and end TV Tax

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