Don’t like the sound of this

So, I do stuff at Seeking Alpha. That website not working at present. The message, when asked why, being:

Hi Tim,

You’ll be hearing from the Contributors team within a few days.



That’s not good, is it?

It’s one thing to have a change in what can be written, where, for how much. It’s another to lose a couple of month’s already earned income….

9 thoughts on “Don’t like the sound of this”

  1. Happens a lot in my line of work, Tom, so sorry to hear it, for I know how it feels. Hope Steve is right.

  2. m’Lud – how does that actually work in practice in Rumpole country? Surely nothing as impersonal as an email from Abby and more of a shared bottle of Ch. Thames Embankment over which the instructing solicitor explains that there will be no “refreshers”?

  3. Has someone drawn their attention to a less than woke blog post from 1983?

    Bison, only if both solicitor and Lud can bill their time to their client. And expense the bottle.

  4. Mr Bison, I cannot spare time for leisurely bottles of Chateau TE, I’ve the running of a grouse moor to oversee. And my water bailiff has just been nationalised by the Environment Agency!

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