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So, whinge, whine, peeps being unfair to the North:

‘Scallies with matching coldsores’? It’s time to stop sneering at northern towns
The media battering of the north of England, seen recently in Jack Hurley’s Rubbish Seaside posters, fosters shame and hopelessness in those growing up there. It needs to end

The poster series, actually in The Guardian itself, includes Exmouth, Southsea, Margate, Teignmouth, Brighton, Yarmouth, none of which are traditionally considered to be Northern towns.

Can these people actually read?

Rebecca Grant started her teaching career in Blackpool. She currently working on a PhD about educational disadvantage in Manchester, writing for Kick Down the Barriers in Blackburn and continues to teach in secondary schools. Charlotte Yates has worked in a number of roles in education and currently teaches English in a state secondary in the North West of England.

Does explain what’s wrong with the education system though.

BTW, the poster series is rather good.

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  1. I agree with the last sentence. The posters are pretty good and the artists comments are more reasonable than I would have expected. Is it too much to hope for a second series featuring the delights of Islington, Newham, Tower Hamlets and of course Rotherham.

  2. Witchie,

    The north is still predominantly white. There’s a few pockets like Bradford and Oldham, but the difference between the Manchester and Reading offices of the place I work is huge.

  3. “In {Blackpool} that has the worst public health demographics in the UK – due to savage cuts from Westminster”

    due to? Are you sure, English teacher, that you’ve picked the right words there to connect two fact/assertions?. It would mean a) savage cuts took place (in Blackpool only) followed by Blackpool’s health figs nosediving to the bottom. That didnae happen did it? Such a loose connection with causation and facts is known as propaganda. And there’s the issue. Charlotte and Rebecca you see the problems around you as being caused by, accentuated by propaganda of the wrong sort that must be countered by propaganda of the right sort. Or in other words, solve the country’s problems with a higher profficiency in English. Quelle Surprise.

  4. Junk science. Here’s the flag: ‘She currently working on a PhD about educational disadvantage in Manchester’

    She has not earned a PhD. Mentioning PhD when it hasn’t been earned is credential inflation. Cheapass attempt to give credibility to the story.

  5. In my day it was, “reading for a doctorate”.

    ‘Working’ on a PhD? I’d bet a modest sum she doesn’t complete it, a slightly larger sum that she doesn’t do so within three years and a full £100 that it’s unreadable, hopeless, and pointless.

    Gals doing this is the latterday version of being able to sing, do needlework, draw. It’s an ‘accomplishment’. It’s what they do to get a husband.

  6. The north is still predominantly white. There’s a few pockets like Bradford and Oldham

    And Blackburn, Burnley, Rochdale … But, yes, it’s a (relatively) few ghettos and the rest of the north predominantly white. There was a recent ITV detective series set in Morecambe – The Bay – where more than half the police seemed to be ‘ethnic’, not a situation that accords with the reality of an area I know well.

  7. @Chris Miller December 6, 2019 at 11:15 pm

    ITV surrendered to the “Diversity trumps Reality” Left mob years ago in Midsomer Murders

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