Good question

Then I will pose a simple question: which would you rather live in? France, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Italy and Luxembourg, or Mexico, Chile, the USA and Turkey?

We’d need to go and check the immigration rates to work out what everyone else seems to think. Just so we’re talking about broadly similar GDP per capita, the emigration rate from France, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Italy and Luxembourg to the US is what, the obverse rate from the US to France, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Italy and Luxembourg is what?

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  1. I think it was Dennis or another similar legend of the parish who pointed out the guy seems to actually be either a polemicist or a complete moron. There are any number of reasons I wouldn’t choose at the current time to emigrate to Mexico or Turkey but I don’t think it’s because the government’s there are ‘low tax regimes’ I am guessing the Cartels aren’t paying the top rates of tax.

    Genuinely believe the guy is on the verge of a complete breakdown. If the election goes for Boris it might be the end for him. If that isn’t an incentive to vote for Boris what is?

  2. V_P: the guy seems to actually be either a polemicist or a complete moron

    Isn’t it more simply that he is perpetually furious about everything. You would need some consistency in your arguments to be credible as a polemecist and he appears more moronic than nature intended because he is too irate to leave time for anything other than bluster.

    On the whole, a Boris Johnson victory would give him a tremendous shot in the arm and increase the volume of vituperation to 11. Alternatively, as you say, it could see him sectioned.

  3. Did he notice that he has included evrl, tax-dodging Luxembourg in his list of desirable high tax countries? Such consistency is wonderful to behold

  4. Italy every day, more specifically Sardinia.

    I’d never live in a Muslim country or even go on holiday in one, transiting through is as much as I’ll do.

  5. “Isn’t it more simply that he is perpetually furious about everything”

    Nothing wrong with that, is there? Is there?

    Asking, obvs, for a fiend.

  6. I’m all in favour of revealed preferences, but migration isn’t a great example of it. For starters, US taxpayers get taxed on their worldwide income, so they have less incentive to leave. Language is another huge barrier, with English being the world’s common tongue. Even from a cultural point of view, the average Austrian knows more about America than vice versa, thanks to Hollywood. Finally, the desire to move somewhere may not be matched by the achievability. Plenty of Brits would love to move down under, but down under won’t have them. How do U.S. immigration laws compare to e.g. Danish ones?

    Also, the US has 50% higher GDP per capita than the UK, so not sure what you mean by “broadly similar”.

  7. problem is that nowhere in Europe (ie EU) is really cheap anymore. Why didn’t he include any of the nouveaux gangster states such as Cyprus and Malta ?

    I am sure that it is possible to live in places like Mexico without being kidnapped or shot.

  8. Dennis, Legend of the Parish

    GDP per capita:

    France 42,850
    Denmark 51,364
    Belgium 47,840
    Sweden 50,208

    Mexico 18,258
    Turkey 26,505
    Chile 24,635
    USA 59,532

    No country in the OECD with a population of greater than 10,000,000 exceeds the USA’s GNP per capita figure. The USA’s population is just under 327,000,000.

    Set aside the USA, and what RM has done is picked three relatively poor nations to compare to four very wealthy countries. He then arbitrarily casts aside all economic and political variables other than the tax to GDP ratio. Not that it really matters, he’s comparing apples to oranges.

    The fact that the USA has a roaring economy operating at full employment and with rising real wages, much of which came about because of the lowering of the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%, is completely ignored.

    Evidently RM considers the USA beyond redemption; no smart person (like RM) launches themselves at the USA, right? It’s why the Bush Administration deported 2,000,000 illegal immigrants, the Obama Administration 2,900,000 and the Trump Administration 1,000,000+. Nobody wants to be here.

    Although I have a feeling that if he found it easier to mooch grants in the USA, he’d be here in a shot.

  9. Be very careful when you just blindly quote GDP numbers. Years ago the economist, before they turned lefty and climate change extremists, had a good article about this topic. The more wood you burn to survive a bloody cold winter counts as a positive on the GDP, extra economic activity. They also included winter survival contours in US$1000 increments for the northern hemisphere. To survive cold winter in Scotland costed US$1000 more per year than down South where I live.

    The question is therefore, do the chaps in Sweden actually have a better standard of living than the Germans, or does the difference just go up in survival smoke?

  10. The USA’s population is just under 327,000,000.

    At least.

    They’ve been talking about “11 million undocumenteds” since the Bush administration, could be 100 million by now.

    Given that you can’t go to a Walmart anymore, even in relatively rural and unfashionable bits of the US of States, without encountering gaggles of squat, odiferous Toltec goblinas, and mosques are springing up all over the place, the actual US population is probably a lot higher than the official numbers indicate.

    Same goes for Britain, just minus the nachos, natch.

  11. Jack the dog in Italy

    Every time I come back to visit the UK I think it is less likly that I would return to live there.

    Tax rates is only a part of it.

    Italian food weather crumpet and scenery plus a 15 minute commute take a lot of beating, and the Italian nanny state is less offensive being less enthusiastically administered.

    Even the security checks at Pisa airport are managed with a certain grace and politeness compared to the fucking otherwise unemployable twats they have at UK airports.

  12. Dennis, Septic to the Masses

    Who would choose to eat a nacho over a naan or chapati FFS?

    Why choose? I can get all three at family owned restaurants that are 5 minutes away. And as far as Mexican food goes, you haven’t lived until you’ve lived until you’ve had an asada torta.

    I’ve got great Indian, Mexican, Ethiopian, Somali, Italian, Persian, Chinese, Brazilian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Greek and Thai within a 10 minute drive. All owned and operated by the real deal… legal immigrant who just fell off the boat.

    And I live in the suburbs in flyover territory.

    One of the many reasons to live where I am and not where you are.

  13. I forgot to mention Peruvian. For that a restaurant isn’t necessary… I just ask my best friend to have his wife (or better yet, her wife’s father when he’s in the country) to cook up something.

    Peruvian ceviche is something wondrous.

  14. To answer his question: USA

    To answer another: Is the BBC Biased?

    64% Think the BBC is Biased

    Only 64%?

    To answer another: What to do with Lefty BBC “Comedians”?

    Nish Kumar Booed Off Stage

    Audience should do this next time BBC inflicts him on QT panel. Reminder to audience: don’t forget your bread rolls/bricks

  15. Dennis, Legend of the Parish

    To answer his question: USA

    While you are correct, I don’t think that’s the answer he was looking for.

  16. I once went out to a nightclub with a group of friends. Very cosmopolitan we were. There was me, an Englishman, my friends were Indian, Mexican, Ethiopian, Somali, Italian, Persian, Chinese, Brazilian, Vietnamese, Japanese and Greek.

    But the doorman wouldn’t let us in.

    You know the rules, he said.

    You can’t come in here without a Thai.

  17. Un bon mot, Monsieur C. Tres bien fait. Or summat. Quelquechose. N’importe quoi.

    Thanks, Dennis. I wish I was you.

    My Peruvian, meanwhile, was momentarily shredded in Bialetti’s finest. Due to the screams, I had to let her out.

    Can’t get the staff anymore. I blame Attlee and Truman.

    As you were…

  18. So there’s two questions really with two possibly different answers. 1which would you rather mooch in, and ii) which would you rather earn in?

  19. Van_Patten said:
    “the guy seems to actually be either a polemicist or a complete moron”

    Why can it only be one of them?

  20. Well Dennis

    I’ve got great Indian, Mexican, Italian, Persian, Chinese, Brazilian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Greek, Turkish, Korean, Cantonese, Szechuan, Moroccan, Spanish, Argentine, Nigerian and Thai within a 20 minute WALK. All owned and operated by the real deal… legal immigrant who just fell off the boat. I can’t claim Ethiopian or Somali, but I don’t like eating fucking goat.

    And I live in the centre of a beautiful, vibrant, cultural, historic city

    Some of the many reasons to live where I am and not where you are.

  21. Full credit to Dennis for endorsing Peruvian grub. It’s what we generally eat when in Madrid. Does your Indian restaurant serve an authentic Indian cuisine. Or the sub-continental hodge-podge of muck prepared by Bangladeshis the Brits favour?

  22. Thanks, Dennis. I wish I was you.

    No, m’Lud, you know that’s not right…

    I wish I were

    ps I have five of the Bialetti family imprisoned in a kitchen cupboard but one of them is allowed out for exercise every day.

  23. @Andrew M
    Very true.

    Low paid migrants in the UK, often get social housing – which does not mean to say that people want to come because it is a great country, but because it is generous to them.

  24. Dennis, He Who Is Envied

    You know, it’s tough going through life having everyone wanting to be you. It the downside of being the legend of the parish.

    Oh well, we all have a cross to bear.

  25. bis –

    The Indian cuisine in Central Ohio is excellent. Large Indian community, lots of real deal Indian restaurants. The one nearest me was recommended by my Indian neighbors.

  26. Dennis, Envied Gourmand

    Bravefart –

    If you don’t like goat, it’s because you haven’t eaten well prepared goat. You can’t say that about haggis.

  27. Dennis, I concede haggis not our finest hour.

    But I think you’ve been had – old African proverb – goats are for fucking, not eating

  28. Or is it called black pudding? You know, oatmeal and piggy blood mixed with sawdust and axle grease and then stuffed into the bits left over from making haggis?

  29. It is black pudding, but that is more of an English delicacy (often served at Michelin starred restaurants as indeed is haggis). Haggis (that is the original type – as opposed to the cheaper and if you can believe it nastier pig-based varieties of haggis) is made from lamb/mutton so not usually mixed with piggy products

  30. Blood puddings are made across most of the civilised world (certainly France, Spain and Germany have excellent examples), but the best ones come from Lancashire.

  31. Posh black pudding is served with scallops in wannabe fancy restauraunts. It’s actually a great combination.

    And I agree with Chris, extremely specifically, the only black pudding worth eating can be bought in Bolton.

  32. Important caveat – scallops means something other than the shellfish in Bolton, so don’t be disappointed if you go there and order that combo.

  33. Not exactly an answer to the question you asked, but I did work this out for the U.S. and Canada around 2005. Canada is a lovely place, and quite comparable to the U.S. in my opinion, but the migration numbers showed that a Canadian was about 30 times as likely to go to America as an American was to go the other way. But, of course, most aren’t going in either direction.

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