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  1. Off topic but ‘ha ha’.

    From a BBC Article on St Greta.

    “Greta was nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, after spearheading a global movement demanding world leaders take action over climate change….

    The BBC flew presenter Mishal Husain to Sweden to interview the teenager and her father.”

  2. Spud is on top form at the moment…….on the ‘Green New Deal’….

    “For a start the Green New Deal is not about growth. It may result in more GDP. Equally, it might result in less. What it is about is doing more of the right thing for each other using less carbon.”

    We have to use less carbon…..

    But he is determined to protect biodiversity…

    “So it is about reducing energy consumption.
    And changing the way we travel.
    As well as protecting biodiversity.
    Whilst creating better housing, local transport, energy grids, and flood defences.
    But it’s also about better food.
    And protecting biodiversity.”

    So much so he protects it twice.

  3. So instead of having the important stuff done by competent people who know how to do it, we should hand the responsibility over to the kind of idiots who think that carbon causes catastrophic climate change. What could go wrong.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    That weird Aspy kid’s father is in the Daily Mail saying how he thinks her millenarian scolding is good for her mental health. Even if that were true (it self-evidently isn’t) the total derangement of Western capitalism and the impoverishment of billions seems a mite excessive as a form of therapy.

  5. Surely on principle she should refuse to talk to the BBC interviewer or any interviewer who flew all the way to Sweden instead of contracting a local Swedish TV company to provide equipment for a remote interview.

  6. @Andrew C

    I saw headline saying Greta “felt uncomfortable” about that – BBC own goal


    Swedes are no better, several flew to NYC to interview Greta

    Greta Thunberg without a script is stumped when asked what her message is

    I think this clip show very well how this girl is being used and abused and it should be called out.

    Greta sock puppet?

  7. “the total derangement of Western capitalism and the impoverishment of billions seems a mite excessive as a form of therapy.”

    Why not? People only ever look at one side of the balance sheet. And destroying the west and impoverishing billions seems to be high up the global agenda right now. If it means one unbalanced teenage girl gets slightly more balanced, who are you, hater, to oppose it? The costs don’t matter.

    Pcar, Greta should refuse to have her words or image appear on the internet, seeing as the internet causes about twice as much carbon dioxide emission as flying does.

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