Hmm, well, gosh

There haven’t been any reported cases of gender fraud, where a male athlete is given a female passport or birth certificate by an unscrupulous nation, for the purposes of slipping a “man” into a women’s Olympic event. If there were going to be mass gender fraud, we’d have seen it by now.

Aren’t we going to have to go back and check certain of the East German, Bulgarian etc records to be sure about that?

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  1. Sixteen, clumsy and shy
    I went to London and I
    I booked myself in at the Y….W.C.A
    I said: “I like it here – can I stay?
    I like it here – caan I stay?
    And, do you have a vacancy
    For a Back-scrubber?”

  2. Does anyone remember that Czech “female” runner from the 80s, Kratochvilova? David Coleman seemed bemused by her and her record for 800 metres, set in 1983, still stands. She looked like a male rugby league player

  3. Dennis, He Who Is Bored of and by LGBT+ Whining

    Given that Carrie doesn’t realize (or won’t admit) that she is a case of gender fraud, her assertion doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

  4. Dennis, He Who Is Bored of and by LGBT+ Whining

    Trans women are women. We are female.

    Sorry, Carrie, we don’t play pretend here.

  5. ‘Trans women are women. We are female.’

    Sure you are, sir. And Gamecock is an eagle.

    ‘we’d have seen it by now.’

    Sex fraud was eliminated decades ago, as there is a simple test.

    There is no test for gender.

  6. The point of the trannie squeak is that they won’t need to sneak ’em in but will put them into the lists quite brazenly.

  7. “I’ve seen a huge uptick in the volume of hate mail I’ve received in the weeks since. I have four people who monitor my Instagram to delete hateful messages; they’ve been overwhelmed by the volume” said a bloke-in-a-frock.
    Any sensible person would see that as a reason to close the Instagram account. Like Twatter, it’s not as if they’re compulsory. So one can only presume he enjoys the attention.

    Like the loudmouth cvnt. If he hadn’t chosen to impersonate a woman he’d have nothing to whine about.

  8. No openly trans woman has won an elite world championship in any sport, let alone a medal.

    Because you are crap women and even worse (shemale) athletes.

  9. “If there were going to be mass gender fraud, we’d have seen it by now.”

    I’m struggling not to paraphrase the argument as “There hasn’t been any gender fraud in the past so my obvious case of gender fraud can’t be”.

  10. [O/T warning]

    Sorry (potentially) to derail a thread, but Sir Major’s most recent intervention in the GE has got me thinking. If it can be called that:

    Is the answer to the question, ‘for whom do I vote’ the person most likely to give Lord Baggyworthlessunderpants* a fatal heart attack?

    * and Ken Clarke, Heseltine, Grieve, Blair, Hutton, Cable – yunno the people I have in mind. Mandelson, Patten, Brigstocke, 99.9% of the BBC, Jon Snow et al. Yasmin Alibhai Wossname. Soros. Goldman Sachs. Robbins.

    Especially Robbins.

  11. “If there were going to be mass gender fraud, we’d have seen it by now.”

    When the “OMG anyone who says they’re female MUST compete in women’s sport” thing has existed for all of 5 minutes…

  12. I was quite surprised at the reports during the last Olympics about people gaming the rules in the paraolympics around disabilities, looking at that it’s hard to imagine the money to be made by gaming the ‘gender’ rules won’t be the next target. Would not be surprised to see this become a controversial issue at the next but one Olympics

  13. They checked the chromosomes inside their cheek.

    They didn’t check what was in their pants.

    Note how discriminatory, though. I bet they don’t check chromosomes of people entering men’s events, only women’s. I expect woman sneaking into a men’s Olympic competition is quite rare.

  14. @Edward Lud December 6, 2019 at 6:47 pm

    I saw Major’s Party Political Broadcast telling voters not to vote Conservative. What an utter – to use his word – bastard


    iirc it was MMA/Cage fighting

  15. Andrew Neil has some time on his hands right now apparently: I’d pay to see him interview McKinnon. (Notice that he/she/it heavily favours one-way debate channels?)

  16. Oh wise ones,

    I’m in a Labour / Lib-Dem seat. Should I vote Lib-Dem to reduce Corbyn’s success or will the Lib-Dems just cosy-up to him and his destructive Marxist cock-rot anyway for his co-operation to stop Brexit?

    Previously I’ve enjoyed writing in my own candidates, or sometimes just abuse, but this time I may need to make my vote count.

  17. Dennis, He Who Owns A Rhyming Dictionary

    I have four people who monitor my Instagram to delete hateful messages;

    Unless it’s friends or relatives who are working for free, I call bullshit. Nobody doing what she’s doing for a living can afford to pay four people to monitor a social media account.

    Actually, I’ll just call it bullshit and be done with it.

  18. Dennis, Soccer Hooligan

    I saw Major’s Party Political Broadcast telling voters not to vote Conservative. What an utter – to use his word – bastard.

    Actually, I’ll bet a John Major condemnation will get Boris’ boys more votes, not less. Sometimes a politician comes along that provides the guide to doing the right thing… that being voting against anything or anyone endorsed by that politician, or voting for anything or anyone opposed by that politician. So it is with John Major.

    Kind of like Joe Biden getting John Kerry’s endorsement… The fact that John Kerry thinks Joe Biden is a good idea tells you he isn’t.

  19. Dennis – If it moves the needle at all (I doubt there are many “don’t knows” at this stage in the game), you are correct.

    Major is more George H.W. Bush than John Kerry. A drab, uninspiring managerialist who rode the coat tails of a much more popular and populist leader to a solitary election victory against a weak lefty opponent before being rejected by the electorate.

    His legacy, such as it was, was based on him being virtually anonymous from 1997, which allowed the public time to largely forget his administration’s hallmark incompetence and sleaze. Until Mad Brexit Disease rotted his brain and caused him to mistake himself for some sort of elder statesman, and to confuse the two orifices at either end of his torso.

    He represents the tired old conservative tradition of politely losing. Ain’t nobody got time for that in the Year of our Lord soon-to-be 2020.

  20. Iran does have a policy of offering homosexuals a free sex change if they want to carry on their lifestyle so perhaps not surprising, also allows them to claim there are no homosexuals in Iran

  21. @TtC @PCar

    Fallon Fox, trannie MMA fighter.
    Caused a lot of controversy. A lot due to cracking the skull of a female MMA fighter.

    Yay for equal rights! Now its ok to bash women’s skulls in, apparently…

  22. BoM4, at least Koch has a daughter. I can’t find any details of whether she was adopted. Perhaps she reproduced?

  23. The Major/Bliar team up is a very good source of votes for Boris I think. Two of the most hated and traitorous twats of modern British politics on stage and in a double act trying to shill for evil and tyranny. Priceless. The EU owned turds would have been far smarter to have kept their gobs shut and their evil quiet in the shadows.

  24. @moqifen December 7, 2019 at 2:34 am

    Iran – iirc they more or less tell Gays: “Be a woman or be hanged”

    @Mr Ecks

    I imagine Mandelson is pulling their strings.

    However, I agree with Dennis and you, they’re intervention probably helps Johnson same as Obama’s helped Leave

    Maybe we’ll have Kinnock & Heseltine on BBC Marr tomorrow with Lamont & Lawson for balance

  25. BBC balance on Marr

    Brandon Lewis – Con (who say most)
    John McDonnell – Lab
    Nicola Sturgeon – SNP

    SNP again, on BBC QT most weeks too, why? They will not be next Gov’t/PM

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