I wuz raped so I should inherit more money?

Rape’s a terrible thing. But quite how it means you should inherit more money is difficult to discern.

Ms Dillon is seeking 4 million Australian dollars (£2 million) from her father’s $18 million estate, rather than the $750,000 she was left.

In a 25-page affidavit lodged at the New South Wales Supreme Court and reported by The New Daily, she claims she was raped by Bill Landeryou, a Labor MP and close ally of Mr Hawke, who died in February aged 77.

Ms Dillon alleges she was sexually assaulted three times: at a Hilton hotel, in parliament and at the MP’s home.

“These instances of sexual assault occurred during a period when, to my knowledge, my father was preparing to challenge the current Leader of the Opposition for the role of Leader of the Australian Labor Party,” she alleges in the affidavit.

Other than “bad stuff happened to me, give me money” what is the actual argument here?

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  1. So she was raped 3 times but didn’t bother mentioning it to anyone at the time.. But brings is up decades later when the accused is dead and any evidence to support such a tail is most likely long vanished. Just when she is after millions in cash. Which should have nothing to do with any rape that might or might not have happened anyway.

    Her point is obscure? Is she claiming that she couldn’t tell her father as he liked his polipig allies more than her and would have taken the accused part? Still struggling to see why she should get more than Hawke left her.

  2. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt/andrew-bolt-holes-in-rosslyn-dillons-account-of-rape/news-story/e13c0b0efd0d1c5db7de6249c996c33a

    Dillon later found she was pregnant with her son David, and considered aborting him until she was told Landeryou couldn’t have children. David was born on April 26, 1983.

    First, some background: Dillon, now on a disability pension, needed help back then because she and her husband were heroin addicts.

    Landeryou was a powerbroker critical in getting Hawke made Labor leader in February 1983.

    But Dillon’s story has some holes.

    If she’d feared David was Landeryou’s son, the rapes must have happened around late August 1982, not 1983.

    Landeryou wasn’t Minister for Industrial Affairs and Labour until four months later — December 1982. Hawke became Labor leader just two months after that.

    Landeryou lived in Essendon, not Sunshine, and has two children.

  3. All I can remember about Hawke is that he was incensed by being called a “little barking crook” and a “whinging wire-haired springer”. Apparently dog comparisons were powerful insults in Oz –at least back then.

  4. Seems like she feels she deserves compo from her father’s estate because she kept quite about getting raped. Maybe she’ll claim it’s only so big because she kept her mouth shut and suffered to not harm his career??

  5. ‘from her father’s $18 million estate, rather than the $750,000 she was left.’

    British/Australian law is sometimes different than American law, but . . . .

    ‘Left’ means there was a will, which specifically stated how much she was to get. This was her father’s intent . . . his will.

    ‘The allegations against Mr Hawke . . . have been made by his second daughter Rosslyn Dillon, 59, in a legal claim against her father’s estate.’

    No basis for a claim whatsoever, even IF she could prove any of it. Her allegations are against Landeryou, not her father.

  6. British/Australian law is …

    On the matter of wills there is no British law: Scots Law and the Law of England & Wales are distinctly different. Moreover the Law of E & W was modified by statute a few years ago so that the courts can interfere with what the deceased instructed. God knows why. Was it Blairism?

  7. The related issue is there is apparently effectively no penalty for falsely claiming rape.

    Rape is a heinous crime and should be punished severely. Falsely claiming rape is also a dastardly crime, and should similarly carry a heavy penalty.

    Once we are all under Sharia law, that particular problem will be taken care of.

  8. I’m not sure I would take legal advice from somebody who writes that something will “create a floodgate of new applicants”.

  9. “My parents spent all their money and “did not make reasonable financial provision” for me.”

    That is my goal. For the last check I write to bounce.

  10. Ms Dillon is seeking 4 million Australian dollars (£2 million) from her father’s $18 million estate, rather than the $750,000 she was left.

    She’s not really going to get it from the estate though, is she? She’s asking to take money that would otherwise go to other people.


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