If M’Lud would care to comment?

Three men have admitted being involved in a late-night assault on Guardian journalist Owen Jones outside a pub in Islington, north London.

At a short plea hearing on Wednesday afternoon at Snaresbrook crown court, James Healy, 39, from Portsmouth, Liam Tracey, 34, from Camden, London; and Charlie Ambrose, 29, from Brighton, all pleaded guilty to affray.

Healy admitted a further charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. He denies the attack was motivated by homophobia and will now face a trial of issue in front of a judge to decide whether that was the case.

The three men face the possibility of custodial sentences following the attack on the journalist and political activist in the summer.

Custodial sentences for affray? Likely or not? Homophobic ABH perhaps, but affray?

17 thoughts on “If M’Lud would care to comment?”

  1. Custody for affray? Yarp, I’ve known it happen. Maximum sentence is 3 years.

    What I am struggling with somewhat is the disconnect between Owen’s account as relayed in the Groan, which is an account of joint venture assault to which there were multiple witnesses, with the fact of three charges of and convictions for affray but only one for assault.

  2. Did anyone notice that in the “lesbians attacked on a bus” case, video showed it was one of the lesbians who threw the first punch?

  3. “They kicked me in the back, I was knocked down, then they kicked me in the head and back,” Jones said at the time.

    Seems remarkably restrained. I’d have looked around for a stout length of wood, brick or something. Owen Jones. Opportunities like that don’t happen every day

  4. M’Lud, not knowing these things, is there anywhere online where one can go to find out the particulars of a case, without having it filtered by the noodle of an (incompetent / retarded / partial / bored) Journo?
    I’ve idly thought about going to watch proceedings at Birmingham Crown Court on my days off, but it would be good to be able to get a précise somewhere online.

  5. You’d escalate a punch-up with three assailants?

    To channel another contemporaneous thread, brave, or stupid, or both?

  6. Did anyone notice that in the “lesbians attacked on a bus” case, video showed it was one of the lesbians who threw the first punch?

    Astonishing. Newspaper coverage of the incident led me to believe Brexit was responsible for the assault…

  7. Mr in Brum, no, not as far as I am aware.

    There is plenty of stuff open source – bailii, for instance – but it’s all judgments, and little of transcript value from courts at first instance. For that, you either have to attend in person, or pay for the transcript.

    And there’s another thing, albeit it wouldn’t affect Young Owen’s case: although the default position is that courts are meant to sit in public, you’ll find that if you do go to the trouble of attending a county court in the hope of finding out stuff about your local community, much of the district judges’ work goes on behind doors requiring a security code, access to which is given only to the parties in the case by the court usher.

  8. I find it interesting that a lot of what goes on in court cases isn’t readily available to the public.
    I thought that at one time they were going to let cameras into court rooms?
    There’s a lot of what goes on in court that ends up on the front pages, where it’s obvious that a lot of relevant details have been omitted, such as the ‘lesbos on a bus’ incident.
    Is it deliberately to keep us in the dark?

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