I’m with Russia Today here

This really is beautiful:

Spain’s public broadcaster has inadvertently carried an interview with the exiled Catalan separatist leader Carles Puigdemont after hackers hijacked its online news channel and substituted its content for that of Russia’s state-backed RT network.

The hack, which happened last Thursday, meant Spanish TV’s +24 channel showed RT’s interview between Puigdemont and the former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa.

In the interview – one of RT’s series Conversation with Correa – Puigdemont again insisted “there’s no solution to the Catalan problem that doesn’t involve independence”.

RT’s boss, Margarita Simonyan, appeared to revel in the embarrassment the incident had caused but said the network was not responsible.

“Hackers got into the Spanish +24 channel and switched their transmission for ours,” she said.

“We ended up having an interview with Puigdemont, the main Catalan independence leader. Our transmission lasted the whole evening. We don’t know who did it but it was beautiful.”

No, not agreeing with RT on other matters. But is is indeed a beautiful hack.

10 thoughts on “I’m with Russia Today here”

  1. You don’t necessarily have to give credit to the Russians. I wouldn’t discount Spanish incompetence. It’s the default for everything else. It says something about a TV station, they didn’t know what they were broadcasting.

  2. Why are you so excited, dearieme? Substitute for is perfectly adequate. Particularly as the swap was subtle, as station was unaware of it. Failings of a public school & university education, I suppose.

  3. Just a thought, curious how traditional language fails to capture the ephemerality of the digital world. “Replace” tends to imply something being taken away & something else being put in its place. Where as, digitally, nothing has been removed. It just ceased to exist. The hack overwrote some lines of code. Although to be completely accurate, one should be talking binary, I suppose

  4. BiS, I agree, substitute is probably a better word than replace for this case of ephemeral prestidigitation: It happened on a particular occasion, after the event nothing had moved, everything but the history was just as was.

  5. Fuck me, you all watch too much Colemanballs.

    “The substitute is the new person or part, which takes the place of the original. So, when substitute is a verb, the structure is: ‘substitute [new thing] for [original …”

    So the wags substituted the RT stuff for the Spanish stuff. I suggested REPLACE only because I suspected that some of you might have learnt English from Ron Manager and would therefore find REPLACE easier to deal with. Seems I was optimistic.

    Well done chaps, as illiterate as the fucking Guardian.

  6. Bearing in mind the context of the piece, don’t supposed anyone failed to understand what had happened because for was used instead of by. But I’m surprised you failed to pick up the logical failure further down, dearieme
    If the two transmissions were actually “switched” & channel 24+ broadcast RT’s Correa – Puigdemont conversation, then RT should have carried whatever 24+ had scheduled. (Shouting & flamenco at a guess). But RT’s boss, Margarita Simonyan says ““We ended up having an interview with Puigdemont, the main Catalan independence leader. Our transmission lasted the whole evening.” So they both carried it?

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