Is this an Oz fashion or summat?

Van Badham

Bridie Jabour

Bird, black frame glasses, ff’d hair. This the way the intellectuals distinguish themselves from the Shirleens over there?

Bit like avoiding a Croydon Facelift over here as a distinguishing mark?

19 thoughts on “Is this an Oz fashion or summat?”

  1. No idea Tim.

    Both of them are marginal–which for the scum of vile leftist female gobworkers is a big step up. Still see a thousand better on any street almost anywhere .

    The stupid names take the cake tho’. Van–as in man? Bridie—? Jeez–it seems that Facepainter’s brain codes aren’t all that arrived in a Christmas Cracker.

  2. Nowt wrong with Bridie. True, one meaning is a Scottish meat pie, but Irish gaelic has it as a diminutive of Brigid.

  3. Both column headers from the Graun? It’s a style their photographer favours. Quarter profile, face turned to camera. Contrived casual. Pretty well everyone writes in the paper looks the same. And black frame bins are standard “Ï’m interlekchuwl, I am” signalling. Like the barnet. Probably have to pay a stylist a considerable sum, get a mess like that..

  4. It’s a style their photographer favours. Quarter profile, face turned to camera

    I thought porn stars were trained to stand quarter-profile, just with a tit pointing at the camera.

    The photographer probably has a sideline taking pictures of a different sort of cunt.

  5. Mr Ecks: Van as in Vanessa (abbr.) perhaps? Funny how ‘cuhnt’ is an abbreviation for so many names, don’t you agree?

  6. M’lud
    An Aussie epistomological deontological eponymous etymologist friend of mine explained that sassy was cognate with feisty.
    One is farting, the other is piss-farting. Can’t remember which is which now, TBH.

  7. Thanks, philip. That sounds about right.

    Although, I’m unsure what piss-farting is and have no interest in knowing.

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  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It’s the “Karen from HR” look. It’s a form of aposematism, like the black and yellow stripes on a wasp, telling you that the wearer is toxic. It says, “run away. Run away now. Then run away some more.”

  11. @BiCR

    Excellent and spot on; I do it but didn’t equate with stingers – my reasoning was “angry glasses = angry woman” thus avoid.

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