Isn’t Argentina lucky?

‘We’re back’: Alberto Fernández sworn in as Argentina shifts to the left

It’s not so much the left though, is it? Peronism is rather more Latin American fascism. Certainly, it’s populist corporatism and the corporatism occupies the same economic space as fascism.

The more important point though being that it’s going to work as well this time as it did last. Not that is.

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  1. “Without bread, there is no present or future. Without bread, life only suffers,” he said.

    Used to be my beat years ago. Bread aside, the food’s pretty good. Whether or not the Argies will ever come to terms with their economic difficulties is something else. That said of course we’re 24hrs away from electing a Corbyn/McDonnell nightmare and becoming another Argentina – “annual inflation running above 50%, poverty approaching 40% amid recession, and tricky restructuring talks over about $100bn in sovereign debt with lenders including the International Monetary Fund.”

  2. Typically latins. But also Catholics. One thing I’ve learned about S. Americans. They really do believe God has an influence on failure or success. It’s what their religion tells them. Completely fucks up their view of cause & effect & probability. They don’t have the cynicism needed for democracy. Yet another politician comes along, makes all the right noises, promises a miracle, they’ll fall for it.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Used to be my beat years ago. Bread aside, the food’s pretty good.

    I’m not a great one for huge lumps of meat but the meat there was so succulent it just fell apart and I also became rather partial to the odd glass, or 6, of Melbec to accompany it.

    That said of course we’re 24hrs away from electing a Corbyn/McDonnell nightmare and becoming another Argentina

    Both are personality cults at the core. Perhaps that’s where the new road to serfdom starts?

  4. BiS: Despite that, Chile seems to have got its act together, uniquely on the continent, it seems. Perhaps the dose of Pinochet laxative had the desired effect. My benefit is the supply of really drinkable wine!

  5. BiND…

    Left me with a taste for open fire grilled roasts and, being a Black Country lad, grilled ‘variety meats’ (sweetbreads, kidneys, intestines, heart and fry). And don’t get me started on Chimichurri variants.

  6. “Peronism is rather more Latin American fascism”: I’ve always thought of it as the Argentine equivalent of our Labour Party. Which has now metamorphosed into Krazy Kommissar Komrade Korbyn’s Kommunist Kike-baiters.

  7. @ Mr Tractor
    I know Chileans. (Well, chilenas mainly.) They’re no less god-ridden than the rest of S. America’s poor. The Chilean government will be doing it despite the Chileans, not because of them. They’d elect a Chavez, a Morales or a Lula if he came along at the right time.

  8. Krazy Kommissar Komrade Korbyn’s Kommunist Kike-baiters

    Bravo, Dearieme. I see an embryonic strip cartoon by the late Don Martin of MAD magazine fame.

  9. I doubt that it would be Krazy Kommissar Korbyn. It’s more likely to be McDonnell’s Marxist Momentum Movement. If Labour win the GE (heaven forbid) I would suggest that Corbyn stays away from high balconies or takes extra care when crossing the road.

  10. BiS, you’re right. When I came here decades ago I commented on the Pinochet-driven Chilean miracle to an old feller with a farm in northern Chile, “ah yes”, he said “but remember it’s still a Latin American country”. Peru’s been doing ok for the last twenty five years but the same warning applies and although we’ve avoided the mayhem affecting all around us, the peace and quiet will probably end next year.

  11. Time will tell if ‘Argentina shifts to the left.’ Governments change a lot more than people change.

    Should England vote Corbyn in, the people will still be the same. At least til the torches are lit.

  12. @bis December 11, 2019 at 10:12 am

    +1 It was the RC church which kept RoI a poor nation after independence

    Looking around Europe RC countries are less successful than Protestant ones; imo due to Church/State separation

    Thank God for Henry VIII and Luther

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