Just a note

Bercow will be in the dissolution honors. And it will be a Viscountcy – if he wants it. And Sally definitely will.

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  1. Going with the American spelling are we?

    Bercow & Dissolution honours: for a moment hot, concentrated sulphuric acid came to mind.

  2. Dennis, Who Is Happily Not An Even-Toed Ungulate

    ‘Tis the season for the British to distribute the functional equivalent of dog yummies to the more notable failures of their political class.

    Very quaint.

  3. Has no-one strung the treasonous little bastard up yet? The idea of him having anything to do with parliamentary power is nauseating, even if it’s only in the Lords.

    Oh well, maybe they’ll give him his viscounthood then abolish the Lords. Weren’t they promising that before the elections?

  4. The Sun and the Daily Mail think he’s been snubbed. Let’s hope they’re right about the little count.

    If he is given a peerage, it’ll be very bad juju for Boris – would suggest he’s oblivious as to why he won and intends on a meet the new boss, same as the old boss type regime.

  5. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    Well, he had just given ex Chief Nanny and ‘hide evidence of their innocence from innocent accused rapists’ ex CPS head honours, so we can assume it’s possible that the government has gone native in record time, so prepare yourself for disappointment folks.

  6. Mr Ghost: That was probably done & dusted before the election – apparatchiks looking after their own – and Boris probably thought he wasn’t on sufficiently firm ground to block it at that point.

  7. “Boris probably thought he wasn’t on sufficiently firm ground to block it at that point.”

    Silly bugger; he’ll never get firmer ground. This is peak Boris – it’s all downhill; from here.

  8. John B: No need for acid, bucket of water would do the job.
    “I’ll get you my pretty…”

    Timmy, what’s your source? I cant find anywhere that says he’s in.

    I figured the only way he’d be able to get into the Lords’ would be as a cleaner.

  9. Did a bit of a Google.

    If I understand it right, neither Michael Martin or Betty Boothroyd received their peerages in the Dissolution Honours (or the New Year’s honours list).

    In their cases, MP’s approved a motion addressing the Queen and asking her to recognise the retiring Speaker’s service.

    Doesn’t mean Boris won’t be incredibly foolish, mind. But it doesn’t appear that the Dissolution Honours are a shoo-in for the little turd either.

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The only problem is, the people able to have a word in the proverbial shell-like and tell Boris not to elevate Bercow except possibly by his neck with a crane are exactly the people who don’t want to rock the boat and imperil any gongs that might be coming their way by not being thought a team player.

  11. Andrew: “Mummy, I know I’ve caused a few problems, but could I have an advance of my allowance. I’ve been invited to stay with John Bercow the count, at his country estate?”
    Mum: Yes, Andrew, you have caused problems, but you are my son. Enjoy your time with Bercow but not another penny till you learn to spell!”

  12. @Jorb December 29, 2019 at 12:59 am

    New Speaker supports Bercock being ennobled as do many (majority?) MPs

    We’ve too many Left and Remainers in HoL already, we don’t want another one

    IDS Knighthood – Left already protesting & petition started

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