Like what?

Cultural appropriation is the claimed act of taking from another race, nationality or identity group’s hallmarks and heritage, and the exploitation of these features by those outside the given group.

The English language? Only Hindu can use zero? Europe’s got to go back to IV and VIII or can only Italians use those? Those not descended from celts must stop wearing trousers? Everyone not from Stroud must stop using power machine made cloth?

16 thoughts on “Like what?”

  1. Hard to see who this is aimed at. All the Muh Russia crowd are Jizz-suicking remainiac fuckwits who wont care if Putin was tunnelling up Jizz’s arse–as Jizz is their remainiac hero.

    And all those who already know what scum Jizz is generally don’t believe the Russia crap anymore than we believe deadly-doorknobs-from-Russia-with-love garbage that Treason May was trying to sling a while back.

  2. The classic design of modern denim jeans was a creation of two white Jews, Levi Strauss born in Bavaria and Jacob Youphes born in Riga. Jeans were designed for working class (predominantly) white customers in the late 19th century. Their popularisation as the uniform of youth rebellion followed James Dean wearing them in “Rebel without a Cause” when (predominantly) white biker gangs began wearing them.

    It’s terrible how this cultural heritage of the white working class has been appropriated.

  3. The problem with cultural protectionism in the arts is that the act of creativity and appropriation I so closely linked . If you think of all the great soul music that came out of America in the 60s its remarkable how important white people are.
    Did ( legend) Steve Cropper appropriate Wilson Pickett`s culture when they worked together on (let us say) Midnight Hour, were the Stones exploiting the Blues men they loved , I think they were just drawn into the music.
    Bob Dylan wasn`t really an Appalachian hick, he just heard collections of that folk style of music in New York and found a voice for himself
    Pauline Black ( she of Selecter ) tells of how she discovered black music from white skin heads
    Now unlike your awful readers I am not gagging to see the Back and white minstrel; show back but one of the things about Brexit that is especially awful is its cultural fearfulness.

    Can you imagine what they would play at a Brexit Party…. Herman and the Hermits …um.. the one bit of Elgar they know some Morris dancing , bit of Gilbert and Sullivan ?

    Not sure what pure English music is really

  4. They are appropriating stupid.

    And the protectors of democracy (sic) – journalists – just nod their heads in agreement.

  5. It is a classic Progressive 180 degree flip.

    The old orthodoxy was that you embraced and absorbed elements of other cultures. Belief in this orthodoxy set the believers apart from the evil heretics who didn’t agree.

    As basically everyone is on board now the Progs have to differentiate themselves again, and trip up and denounce those not quick enough to adapt as heretics. So, reverse the orthodox belief.

    For them it doesn’t matter what the actual belief is, only that it be believed and non-believers reviled.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    This is a Public Goods type issues. Does me using a zero prevent a Hindu or anyone else using? No, so no harm done. Does my pig rearing neighbour claiming that his ham is Parma ham damage anyone? Yes, and we’ve gone a long way to solving that problem.

    The rest is just noise.

  7. Andrew C
    Brando and his gang wore jeans in The Wild One a couple of years before Rebel Without A Cause. In the context of relatively poor bikers of the time then I suppose jeans made practical sense but the leather jacket and jeans, cool and rebellious, look was probably popularized more by that film – although there may always have been earlier instances.

  8. Andrew C
    Brando wore jeans and a leather jacket in The Wild One, a couple of years before Rebel Without A Cause.
    In the context of a biker of the time it was probably a fairly practical outfit but it was certainly a look taken up by many kids as the epitome of cool. (although, as ever, finding the first instance of anything in popular culture is probably a lost cause)

  9. “Not sure what pure English music is really”

    Unfortunately for your racist theories, probably the blues. Or according to a mate of mine. Who’s spent the last 50 odd years making a living playing them. He sees the roots of the blues as a black interpretation of traditional english & french “country” music the early settlers brought with them. And that the development of this branch of music – jazz, blues, rock, country, soul – bounces back & forth between the two cultures. Each influencing the other. The “British Blues” (which morphed into Brit Rock) he was playing in the sixties, fed back into & influenced the Stateside scene. So the english have as great a claim as being the originators of “black” music as anyone else.

  10. Good insight, Rob. It’s about orthodoxy. Details don’t matter. Even a complete reversal of details don’t matter.

    Being a Lefty means never having to say you are sorry.

  11. You’ll claw my Andean potatoes, Dutch chipped, with Jewish fried fish out of my cold, artery-clogged, dead hands.

  12. Since we are talking about the Forth Bridge, erudite scholars have advanced a theory that “Black” music in the American South was heavily influenced by Gaelic music brought by Hebridean Scots to the New World when they were shipped there as indentured servants. However, the Scots made a point in the 1320 Declaration of Arbroath that they traced their roots to Syria. So it can be very tough to determine who is ripping off whom in the cultural arena.

    As the man said: Why can’t we all just get along?

  13. I’m pleased to see that, after having wickedly appropriated gunpowder from the Chinese, we’ve now switched to dynamite, nukes etc. But perhaps we should stop drinking tea and coffee.

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