No, no vermine

Have to wait for the dissolution honours for that…..Baron Snippa might yet appear.

16 thoughts on “No, no vermine”

  1. Richard Murphy, 20 December.. “I will not, unlike some, stop blogging over the holiday period.”

    24 December – 1 post
    25 December – 0 posts
    26 December – 0 posts
    27 December – 1 post

    Go Ritchie! Sock it to the bastards when they least expect it!

  2. Vermine might have eluded this time, but for the future the following honorific is still available

    Lord XXXXX of Bellend

    I see John Bercow was also suitably and justly honoured by being ignored

  3. A delightful clip. It’s always a delight to watch him squirm when being found out for the charlatan he is. He acts like a petulant teenager rather than a professor. A disgrace to economics. He should hang his head in shame and retreat to the safety of his echo chamber for ever.

  4. Don’t crow too quickly. Bercow will probably get something when everyone has forgotten about him and Sally has moved on. Although even a BEM would be too much.

  5. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    A disgrace to economics

    And accounting. And finance. And law. And politics. He’s something of a polymath, you know.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Is there actually any real chance of The Great Tuber being given a peerage, or is that just Tim’s naughty version of “I wants to make your flesh creep”? I mean, if that actually happens we’d be pretty much compelled to make like Mark Wahlberg at the end of The Departed. Some infamies cannot stand.

  7. There was time, about when Corbynomics was raging, that there was a very serious movement to give Ritchie a peerage. As with Miliband giving Glasman one. To give him a sinecure and a position from which he could be an economic advisor to Labour.

    I know, I know, but it was being seriously discussed. Then Ritchie decided to hold out for a proper salary, they said you’ll get the Lords expenses, he said not enough and the idea disappeared in a huff.

    He really was just this far from being Baron Snippa of Wherever.

  8. Tim, I find it hard to believe Ritchie turned down a peerage – a public platform to push his agenda and generous tax free expenses for life as well as the sheer ego of being Lord Ritchie of Ely. Even if he wasn’t given the Chief Adviser role or whatever he was looking for it would be crazy to turn down the peerage. He didn’t have anything else on at the time (other than a 1 day a week role at City University) title and most people didn’t expect Corbyn to last long so it was a one off opportunity.

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