Odd thing to get a Kt for

Dr Dennis Barry Gillings, CBE. For services to the Advancement of Dementia and to Life Sciences Research.

OK, we know what they mean but still, advancing dementia? Encouraging it?

8 thoughts on “Odd thing to get a Kt for”

  1. German would use hyphens to connect ‘Dementia’ to ‘Research’ but in English the reader is asked to make the connection for himself.

    The point here being that one of the leading exponents of written English and puntilious application of grammar can highlight this phenomenon on his blog, no?

  2. Indeed, and you have done so. It was an opportunity for that leading exponent to do so on my blog rather than my being the exponent….

  3. Dear Mr Worstall

    “For services to the Advancement of Dementia and to Life Sciences Research.”

    Fixed that for them. Alternatively insert ‘Research’ after ‘Dementia’.

    Sloppy writing seems to get everywhere. One would think that with all our money, the government could afford to employ someone who could write properly, though it may be the whole point of modern government: to dumb everything down to incomprehensibility or worse.


  4. Gillings, like so many other campaigners, must be careful to avoid success. Should he succeed, he’d be out of a job.

  5. DP: Even the government has to take what our schools now produce. I dunno if their supervisors note the skills lack, but if they do, it certainly doesn’t filter through into education policy.

    PS I can use ‘dunno’ ironically as I is a heducated person!

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