No, Clint Eastwood, female journalists don’t trade sex for information
Ankita Rao

No female journalist has ever done so? That would be a bit odd wouldn’t it? Given what people in general will trade sex for.

That female journalists don’t routinely do so, sure. Even that the instances are very rare indeed. But never?

11 thoughts on “Oh”

  1. Is it inconceivable that a lifetime of experience has given Clint Eastwood a good idea of what some women will trade sex for?

  2. Yeah, Clint knows nothing as Ankita Rao knows every other female journo and can vouch that they have never done anything of the sort.

  3. Like beautiful female scientists , beautiful female reporters are a tv/movie staple. Played by beautiful actresses who are neither reporters nor scientists.

    While there may be a few lady reporters worth plunging in exchange for giving over your secrets–I sincerely doubt there are enough to make a difference in the real world.

  4. I don’t think its a journo trope… i think its a John Hamm trope. Might not have even been in the script the actors probably ad libbed it.

  5. Female journalist pulchritude could be measured on a scale of gen gained or offered
    Nuclear codes
    Next week’s budget
    Our spies in (subsections) Russia, USA, Berlin….Athens

    Minutes of the council planning committee
    Location of nearest bus stop

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    As for Ankita Rao, she looks like yer stereotypical angry shouty radfem in ninth year of three year Gender Studies degree at Birkenhead University (formerly Gasworks Road Polytechnic).

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