Oh, now yes, this is clever

Russian authorities have detained a man who built a fake frontier post in the woods near the country’s border with Finland and promised migrant workers he could smuggle them into the European Union.

The man erected mock border posts and charged four men from south Asia more than $10,000 to take them to EU member Finland, the Russian border guard service said on Wednesday.

Sure, bit hard on the migrants but that is actually quite glorious.

5 thoughts on “Oh, now yes, this is clever”

  1. Allthegoodnamesaretaken

    Czechs did something similar during communism. Only their secret service were the ones running the whole operation.

  2. Allthegoodnamesaretaken

    Czechs did something similar under communism. Only difference was their secret service was running the whole operation.

  3. Good source of income, actually. Perhaps he’s being grilled on the details, and the authorities will build dozens …

  4. “On Wednesday, a court in Saint Petersburg fined the migrants and ordered their deportation.”

    I wish the British courts would do this.

    “The man behind the smuggling scheme was from central Asia and could be charged with fraud, according to media reports.”


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