Oi! Dennis!

Ain’t this fun?

Transitioning ThinkProgress
SEP 9, 2019, 4:07 PM

“Transitioning” is modern mealy mouthed American for “We’ve gone bust”.

So, Salon next, right?

14 thoughts on “Oi! Dennis!”

  1. I’m having trouble keeping up.

    I thought transitioning was todgerectomy or at least Munchauser’s Todgerectomy by Proxy (= only pretending)

  2. Dennis, Former Blogger to the Gods

    Ah, ThinkProgress. The minor leagues of progressive advocacy journalism. It could always be counted on to provide the most biased, superficial take imaginable on the news of the day.

    Kind of a CNN in print form.

    As to reviving it… won’t happen. ThinkProgress has been trying to sell itself for nearly two years, without success. It’s a dog in it’s own right, but the truth of the matter is this: The day of the advocacy blog is largely over in the USA. These days, legacy media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC) are filling the niche ThinkProgress once filled.

    Will Salon fold soon? Yes. And for the same reason.

  3. I did read some of their stuff, because friends pointed me there.

    To oversimplify, it sounded just as sound and well-reported as the writings of that Harold Myerson chappie (whoever he is).

    Perhaps it’s a sign that writing tendentious claptrap, always seeing Trump, and the evil racism and fascism of the white people as the root of all evil just isn’t paying its way, even in the Great Satan

    One can but hope.

  4. Dennis, He Who Writes Very Blank Verse

    Ah, Harold Myerson. That guy The Atlantic claims to be one of the fifty most influential commentators in the USA. You know, the guy you and 99.99% of the rest of the nation has never heard of, much less read.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    Unfortunately, as with so many ventures in today’s digital media landscape, ThinkProgress suffered multi-million dollar shortfalls the past two years—an unsustainable option for a non-profit such as ours.

    Therein lies the problem with lefties: Profit = bad therefore non-profit=good and in their world non-profit means a rich sugar-daddy, ideally the tax payer, funding them without having any control. Perhaps if they tried the profit motive they’d turn out stuff people wanted to support.

  6. The Atlantic actually had an article about the impeachment that said while Trump was clearly evil and guilty that the whole thing might not be such a good idea and the outcome may not be what they are hoping for.
    It was reasonably sane and showed some glint of self-awareness that the public may not see things the same way as the Dem’s, not sure how it slipped by their censors

  7. “not sure how it slipped by their censors”

    Std journalistic headfake: a declaration of orthodoxy, “while Trump was clearly evil and guilty,” then say what they want to.

    They couldn’t just say that impeachment isn’t such a good idea.

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