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Labour’s defeat was a calamity for the party and those it exists to represent. Corbyn’s leadership was partly destroyed by Brexit, by the remorseless attacks of its internal and external opponents, and by its own severe mistakes. Any new left project must learn from all of this. But from public ownership to tax justice to investment, it was not its signature policies that condemned it – and those ideas must remain at the core of whatever comes next.

Possibly the voters didn’t like those things tho’?

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  1. A broad sweep of opinion would agree that Corbyn was not electable .He could not be trusted on security, his economic plans were fairy tales his plans for Nationalisation bizarre, and hidden on the Shit Pudding were exquisite nodules, of especially excremental texture, like banning arms sales to Israel and Public schools. This is before we discuss his history , fellow travellers and the wreckage his hard left cronies have left of what was an opposition
    Voting against him is self evidently , therefore , not an endorsement of Brexit

  2. For them it’s not really about ever winning, they’ve lost their economic argument decades ago, common man has moved on. It’s about ideology, protest, insular cultism and a twisted and sick idea of golden wheat fields with hundreds of tractors and braless sturdy women with rosy cheeks singing “Kubanskie Kazaki”. Trastuit Tavarits! Ruki veer! Dobro huja!

  3. “those it exists to represent”: it exists to represent the Trade Unions, especially the Apparat.

    Maybe the government should adopt the trade union policy of FDR – no recognition of unions for government employees. I mean, FDR! You can’t get much more social democrat than that, can you?

  4. Labour’s defeat was a calamity for the party and those it exists to represent

    So… wealthy white wankers, idiotic student politicians, Muslims, trannies, public sector troughers and people who don’t feel like working for a living? Sad.

    Newmania – Hang in there kitty.

    BTW, at least we agree on selling weapons to Israel and public schools x

  5. Labour don’t like the culture or history of the UK, don’t appreciate its contribution to the world, and incidentally hate its people. Owen Jones is entirely onboard with this set of attitudes, and he is therefore not likely to see or acknowledge the truth.

  6. Violet Elizabeth still banging the Brexit drum like the Duracell bunny.

    How are the emigration plans coming along?

  7. DocBud

    You can’t ban arms sales to public schools.

    Otherwise the CCF would be reduced to the level of the Bundeswehr – heaven forbid – using broomsticks.

  8. @ PF
    The Public Schools have got enough WWI rifles, which don’t wear out like modern electronic kit – but they could run out of blanco.

  9. “The State will provide free broadband” …

    2 years later…

    “The State will decide what’s allowed on broadband”

    Maybe Mr Jones might want to reflect on the wisdom of giving the levers of power to lifelong totalitarians. I’m sure that other folks did.

  10. “But from public ownership to tax justice to investment, it was not its signature policies that condemned it – and those ideas must remain at the core of whatever comes next.”

    FFS The New Labour people in the mid-90s did focus groups on this stuff. No-one cares about public ownership. OK, there’s a slight majority in favour of nationalising the railways, but is it in anyone’s top 20 priorities?

    My guess is Labour are going to lose again at the next election because these people are going to vote for another Corbynite who doesn’t get it.

  11. Spud has changed his mind on nationalisation. I doubt if the lefty academics, who are now the core Labour vote, will. Look at the recent drivel from the remarkably Potato-like Dillow

  12. The Labour membership is dominated by the loonies – they voted for Corbyn in the leadership election, he won it by miles. They aren’t going to vote for some Blairite or anyone else on the right of the party.

    The loony policies will remain because that’s what the membership believes in. They may elect some sociopath who is good at deceiving people but the policies will stay.

  13. “They may elect some sociopath who is good at deceiving people but the policies will stay.”

    This is the scenario that worries me. They pick a leader who does get it, shuts up about the commie stuff, gets elected and THEN establishes the dictatorship of the proletariat (sarcastic emphasis at the end there)

  14. Bloke in North Dorset

    it was not its signature policies that condemned it – and those ideas must remain at the core of whatever comes next

    I’m hearing and reading that sentiment on the left quite a lot, to the point is looking like a way of fixing the election – you can have any leader you like, as long as its Corbynism. Even Starmer looks like signing up.

    Its part denial, of course there was nothing wrong with St Jeremy, it was all a stitch-up by the media and Israel and uncle Tom Cobleigh and lying Boris and Brexit and our stupid voters were misled …… cont P33.

    Long may it continue.

  15. Do public schools still have WW1 rifles? I am so glad – I thought mine was the last generation to experience the joys of the Leigh-Enfield. Still have my .303 marksman’s badge lying around somewhere…

  16. “The Labour membership is dominated by the loonies”

    Different situation in the U.S.

    The Dem leadership is dominated by loonies. Some members are loony, too. But most members are just there due to momentum. Their parents were Dems, so they are too. Americans will not stay Dem if the lunacy persists. Each nutty national action costs them more members. Impeachment is going to be especially expensive.

  17. “oh no Sir, it wasn’t quite like this, oh no sir, it wasn’t quite so handsome. And as for rules, we didn’t carry military manuals with us, we were out on the veldt, fighting the Boer, the way he fought us. I tell you what rule we applied, Sir! We applied rule 303! We caught them and we shot them on the rule 303.”

  18. “Possibly the voters didn’t like those things tho’?” One third of the voters seemed happy to support an anti-semitic marxist party. I can’t say that thought fills me with joy.

  19. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    Well, Newmania, I’d have to say I’m fully in favour of banning arms sales to public schools.

    Too bad Corbyn didn’t make this policy position clearer.

    Someone send a note to Owen.

  20. Bloke in Costa Rica

    When I was in the CCF in the 80s the Lee-Enfields in the armoury were WW2 vintage No.4 Mk I and IIs. We had a couple of Brens in .303 as well (a lot were converted to 7.62×51). On a range in Wales I shot a Lee-Enfield that was 1 MOA accurate after 50 years. Five round group at 300 yards you could have covered with a beermat.

  21. Dennis, Former Blogger to the Gods

    Ah, Lindsay Anderson and Malcolm McDowell. if and O Lucky Man are as good as it gets.

  22. john77,

    Blanco is still available commercially, for those who collect webbing and do re-enacting. Not dried out old surplus either, but brand new in a fancy new bottle. Mike from the Bloke-on-the-Range Youtube channel did a how-to demo video with a link to the company that sells it.

  23. Lefty commentators reflecting on Labour’s defeat continue to be delightfully entertaining. Those poor unfortunate people who Labour represent, cruelly deprived of having Labour representing them. Because they voted Conservative. These people just don’t get how democracy is supposed to work do they? People who vote the wrong way should have their betters decide what is best for them, is that it?

  24. @Newmania December 19, 2019 at 12:27 pm

    We’re selling weapons to public schools?

    Sounds good, our CCF only had a few old .22s and .303s. How many Challenger MBTs do Eton have now? Handy if Corbyn had won or Windsor’s Palace Guards need backup

    Whereas at home I was using a 12 Bore and a .22 with tele sights

    @Geoff Taylor

    Corbyn Broadband would have been like China internet – everything forbidden except approved sites



  25. @Bloke on M4 December 19, 2019 at 2:03 pm

    33% voting for Communist Corbyn is scary, this is horrendous

    Support for nationalisation and public ownership increased across the board during Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure as Labour leader, polling has found.

    The public is now even more likely to want the railways, water companies, buses, energy companies, Royal Mail and the health service to be run in the public sector than they were at the last election – to the extent that there is now a “political consensus” among voters

    Tories urgently need to explain repeatedly why nationalisation is bad, even EU don’t like it

  26. “in favour of banning arms sales to public schools”

    “Machine guns for full backs. Make a note of that, Darling”

    General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett, VC KCB

  27. PF, I know. I wasn’t usually that good but this thing was a tack-driver. My oppo came back from the butts with the target and said, “what did you have for breakfast?”

  28. ‘could have covered with a beermat’

    Another new metric we’ll have to deal with. What is a beermat in metric?

  29. Facepaint–when it came down to the wire you cheap, greedy POS –you preferred to dump your precious EU rather than have Jizz’s dirty fingernails stuck in your prosperous hide.

    Cash was king–just as I said it would be all along with garbage like you.

  30. Americans will not stay Dem if the lunacy persists.

    They have a plan for this – Bring in foreigners to vote Dem. Another “job that Americans won’t do”.

  31. Dennis,
    and Britannia Hospital to finish the Travis-trilogy off. The scene where he finds xxxx in the bed and jumps through the window in a panic.

    Malcolm McDowell is probably in my top5 British actors.

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