Polly on the BBC

Nothing new: the BBC is always in the firing line of the Tory right. The very nature of its being affronts free marketers. Together with the NHS, its fellow national treasure and source of global admiration,

As one of those free marketeers I don’t think it’s an affront. I just think they’re both pretty shit. And that international admiration, that’s in your head love.

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  1. According to Andy McDonald, the Labour MP, and many other Labour voices the BBC is to blame for their party’s defeat. The shortcomings in its propaganda output even-handed output are obvious in the result.

    The BBC and the NHS may once and for a long time have been thought of as wonderful institutions but the laurels have pretty much vanished from Auntie’s crown.

    The NHS will head the same way when its rotten value for money becomes apparent as it swallows another mountain of money to no good effect.

  2. A friend went into an NHS hospital recently for an op. As instructed she took in her own pills which happened to include a pile of painkillers. After the op she asked for some painkillers but, alas, a nurse had stolen them from her locked bedside cupboard. And new ones couldn’t be got hold of because no doc was available to prescribe them.

    Employer of Angels, Envy of the World.

  3. The very nature of the funding of both the BBC and NHS is what leads to them being shite. If you are given enormous sums of money with absolutely no repercussions if you waste it all then people will have no incentive to do anything other than waste it. And of course, that is what we see.

  4. British commentators have a funny idea about the BBC. There’s a few things Americans care about: David Attenborough stuff and Doctor Who.

    Forget the political bias, it’s just fucking rubbish. Shit comedies, shit dramas, shit sport.

  5. Wasn’t the BBC One caught in the firing line of one Mr A Campbel? Wasn’t he something to do with Labour?

  6. It’d help if Polly Twatbee hadn’t been writing the same articles, intermittently, for the past 40 years. Think this one first appeared in ’79. Pulled it out the filing cabinet, dusted it off, changed a few names, sent it to the Graun. Who’ve been printing them for the past 40 years. Plotlines are always the same. Like one of those kids’ cartoon shows. What are the Evil Tories plotting this week children?

  7. Agreed, some (many) sectors of the NHS are bad, and some (many again?) are appalling. But some are good. Whereas many administrators are just a waste of money, front liners like ambulance crews and paramedics do, on the whole, a great job.

    My own experiences range across the spectrum from brilliant to outrageously bad.

    The problem with it all isn’t just ‘The NHS is crap’, because if someone (a) pays verging on Sweet F A towards it, and/or (b) doesn’t use it, then it doesn’t seem all that bad, which is a position many people take. It’s the minority of people who (i) are treated badly, (ii) pay through the nose for it, and/or (iii) work out that it’s a huge, bloated, creaking behemoth that is some way to beggaring the country. Even out of that minority, the ones who actually want to make waves is even smaller. The other class of folk who don’t see its flaws are those who are wealthy enough to get private medicine for their needs.

    I recently saw an old biddy complaining loudly and vehemently that the doctor wouldn’t give her a prescription for paracetamol, while the receptionist told her that the practice wasn’t prescribing ‘over-the-counter’ medicines. Presumably, the old biddy had been getting them for free.

  8. On the BBC I have mixed feelings. While Boris …( the wanker) is quick to threaten its funding , his aim will be to control it rather than to destroy it using it as a Brexit State propaganda tool in line with the Fascist play book.
    I don`t think that Liberal Britain has much to fear form an expanded market sector .It will wish to appeal to the young moneyed and active most of whom are part of the remain camp, this is why the Daily Mail is quietly tacking away from its dying readership.
    I say let them have their Sun TV , soft porn and lack-of-talent shows .

  9. Excavator Man,

    The problem with the public sector is that you have to hope that people are good, hard-working, care about improvement and so forth. I can name people I’ve worked with in the public sector like that. They liked that I told them we could use a piece of software that was free and saved their department £5K. They would do a conference call at 7pm to approve something rather than have me waiting around for 2 weeks.

    But a lot of the public sector, from workers to managers are lazy time-servers, just waiting out the days for the pension. They’ll do as little as possible. They know they won’t get fired anyway. And they really get no worse of a deal than the good people in the short to medium term (they’re out the door when redundancies come).

  10. The willingness of the Tories to abolish the TV licence and its fee ought to be seen as a bellweather of their future serious intent

  11. The Beeb needs some kind of financial discipline to cater to its real audience. However changing it (and Ch4) to a subscription service won’t be easy technically. It may mean a set-top box for a lot of people, although most TVs will have a Common Interface slot to plug in a module to decrypt the signals. However that’s never been used for services in the UK so I just wonder about the compatibility issues for many of them with a new module.

    Actually just remove any public subsidy from Ch4/S4C & let it sink or swim.

  12. Facepaint–The fact that you are still here and still spouting shite is a tribute to the tenacity of evil.

    We need a Punishment & Retaliation Commission to put down trash like you. Too much bullshit in the air about re-uniting etc doing the rounds. There can be no compromise with the treasonous Marxist owned EU sucking shite-scum of the Earth like you Facepaint.

    You must be broken utterly.

  13. Newmania, regarding this “BJ is a fascist” schtick of yours:

    What – precisely – can you point to that has he done or has said he will do that is actually “fascist”? Y’know, like history has shown us?

    Note that I said “precisely” – note also that your usual hyperbole and ranting is not precision.

    It would make a pleasant change for you to justify your wailing with some objective facts for a change. It’s Christmas – garn, give us that little present, just for once.

  14. Violet Elizabeth is back after spending the weekend in a darkened room.

    Let’s all laugh at Newmania
    Let’s all laugh at Newmania
    Na na na
    Na na na

  15. Newmania

    So what happened last Thursday – was it all a bunch of ‘old fascists’? up in Scotland who got rid of the UK’s leading anti- Democrat?? Why, given the fact that so many youngsters are part of the ‘Remain camp’ was the Libdem performance cataclysmically awful? Voter fraud?

    I think with what’s happening in France , Spain and Italy that the EU is surely on borrowed time, and in the event Boris does manage to repivot away from its Orbit, surely other countries will look over the Channel and realise that you don’t have to be run at the behest of Guy Thermostat. A new era of freedom could be on the rise. And wouldn’t that just put you in a great mood…..

  16. Spooner , while Fascist here a terms of abuse it is much less so in France, for example and describes a vague collectivism resting some notion of a “people”. Its distinctiveness , viewed form a traditionally Conservative perspective is a tendency to claim power that trumps institutions as the revolutionary left generally do .
    Attacking the BBC , is typical , the judiciary , the House of Lords ..all of this is typically Fascist behaviour.
    On Boris`s own racism , his personal feelings are clearly plastic. He wished to grant an amnesty to London Illegals whilst playing the Liberal. That is irrelevant .His career rest on claims made by his fellow travellers that Immigrants were to blame for high housing costs low wages, crime disease and were poised , in their millions to swarm out of Turkey when Turkey joined ( any time now …..any time …soon..)
    He is the acceptable face of Nazism I grant you , he sprinkles a little Wodehouse on low browed bigotry

    In short he is a lying racist cunt

  17. The tantrums and wild lunatic claims of the toddler-brained Left have damned approximately 99% of the population as ‘fascists’ and diluted the word’s meaning to absolutely nothing. We are all fascists now.

    Still, I was never a supporter of a Jew-baiting party, unlike many of the toddlers wailing after Thursday’s result. Some quiet reflection from them over who are the ‘fascists’ is in order, but they are psychologically incapable of such an act.

  18. Evidently not wanting your children to be blown up, run over, stabbed, shot, raped or sexually abused by those cheerful black and brown people and their delightful offspring, or thinking that the English have a right to life, liberty, peace and wellbeing in their own homeland makes one a fascist.

    In which case, call me Benito.

  19. So attacking the House of Lords is Fascist. Attacking the BBC is Fascist Nice to know that Gladstone, Asquith, Attlee and Alastair Campbell were Fascists. What’s it like to be the stupidest person on the planet, Newmania?

  20. was it all a bunch of ‘old fascists’? up in Scotland…

    I know I`m a bit on my own here but I have always thought the SNP were indeed a Fascist Party. Ok they don`t actually want to herd the English into a gas chambers but isn`t being bored to death listening to them bang on about the “People of Scotland ” almost as bad ?
    Mussolini also appeared rather an attractive leftish progressive figure at first ….

  21. Yes ! Something we can at last agree on – the SNP are indeed fascists or more accurately national socialists. The behavior of some, (many actually) of their more crazed supporters during the Referendum on independence was reminiscent of Rohm’s brown shirts.

    The BBC fee should be voluntary -that would shake up their business model and make those smug buggers squeal.
    Watched Jeremy vine this am discussing the fee with 2 bints plus that imbecilic Alibhai- Brown woman.
    Why should some poor bugger on 25k pa have to fork out 150 pa to fund his salary (600k?) and their appearance fees?

  22. Words are often tossed about loosely. What does “fascist” actually mean? (Other than a generic insult, like “racist”).

    Fascism really describes a mixed system. Unlike Communism, private ownership and individual wealth are allowed — but those private owners must kiss the ring of the Political Class. The concepts of limited government and free markets have no place in a Fascist world.

    The disturbing fact is that, since WWII, the world has been moving towards Fascism. Maybe a kinder, gentler form of Fascism … but Fascism all the same. Communist China has billionaires, stock markets, and privately-owned businesses (but no NHS) — still, the Party rules supreme. Supposedly non-Communist Britain has the NHS, government pensions, government schools, and heavy regulation of every business — right down to the plastic bags in grocery stores; not much happens in business without political involvement. Convergence?

    Fascism lost the war, but is winning the peace. And all the best people avert their eyes from the obvious.

  23. Had some neighbours in the TV, radio and film world after moving to Canada and what they envied about the BBC was it’s secure funding and not being accountable to audiences etc., especially when looking for funding for a lefties pet media project
    The output they didn’t seemed bothered about, just the huge slush fund available for funding them.

  24. @Roué le Jour

    +1 BBC and C4 are very anti-UK

    On Brexit they take the side of RoI & French farmers with tales of woe on how they’ll suffer if we leave


    Agree: SNP are known as the Scottish Nazi Party – they supported Hitler in 1930s-40s

    Look at their Every Child belongs to us policy


    Trudeau has “fixed” that: Canadian msm receive $billions now – except Rebel Media who said No

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