Quite so, quite so

The old order has shifted during the past 10 years with Exeter among those growing in stature while France faded

Could be considered a little odd to compare a British club side to a foreign national one. But of course the county town of Devon is vastly more important than there mere country of France. The second is forrin after all.

9 thoughts on “Quite so, quite so”

  1. reflecting on the decade. Martin wasn’t ever good, Stuart was good but not nearly good enough, Eddie is beyond good but not quite great (yet).

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Leicester for the drop? I hope so.

    I hope so as well, otherwise its looking like Wasps for the drop.

    I’d much prefer Salaries to be relegated though, not just for their breach of rules but mostly because they’re a nasty, surly, team and bad for the game. All that jumping around and clapping each other on the back when the opposition make a mistake is not in the spirit of the game. Wayne Barnes should have made an example of Billy Vunipola.

  3. BiND
    I’d bet on Irish again. Though Wasps often manage to play as if they only met on the bus.
    Ruggerpass rates Billy V. but I think he’s been ordinary for a while. Add up his yardage on Saturday and it’s barely in positive territory.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset


    The Wasps forums are scathing about the le el of coaching.

    Agree on Billy, he was a loss to Wasps but doesn’t seem to have flourished at Salaries. He’s been worked out but has also lost some weight and doesn’t burst through tackles like he used to, which is probably a nod to improved defence coaching.

  5. Cricket

    England planning to change 5 day test match to 4 day in 2023


    SNP to introduce law compelling homeowners to insulate their homes to ‘approved standard’ or unable to sell in 2024

    Dodgy builders rubbing their hands with gold

    Both from Telegraph

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