Richard E Grant wants to throw gay actors out of work

No, really, he does:

Richard E Grant believes that straight actors should not play gay characters.

The Oscar-nominated star is opposed to what he sees as heterosexual performers taking the parts of their homosexual colleagues.

The portion of the acting profession that professes gayness is rather higher than that of the general population. Rather higher than that prevailing among the parts being played. Thus to insist upon casting by sexuality is to deny many gay actors work.

For this will work both ways, right? If the cis and hetero cannot take parts that are not cis and or hetero then those not cis or hetero cannot take parts which are?

22 thoughts on “Richard E Grant wants to throw gay actors out of work”

  1. Funnily enough, I was musing about this the other day. While watching US series I keep on thinking to myself “That chap is so obviously gay, is he not trying to act straight, had he been told not to or is he simply useless ?”
    I mean, Rock Hudson was a genuine surprise…

    By the way Tim there is an error message on your banner adverts.

  2. Richard E Grant believes that straight actors should not play gay characters.

    Really? This belief must have come over him quite recently.

    Only last year he had an Oscar-nominated turn as a gayer in ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’ Presumably he now also thinks his co-star Melissa McCarthy, a straight woman playing a lesbian, shouldn’t have taken the role either.

    Actors eh? Entertaining chaps but don’t take any notice of their waffle.

  3. Celebs are always being quoted saying stupid things. They like to please people by saying things that they think they should say. That’s why we don’t take them seriously or use them as role models. Look at Meghan Markle for example

  4. what parts does Richard give to straight acting gay actors? And what parts does he give to gay acting straight actors? And can method actors get both roles if their prep is solid enough and supervised by qualified equity certified gay/straights?

  5. I get that there are plenty of gays in light entertainment; but in serious Hollywood cinema too? Googling various lists of famous gay actors, I sound like an owl, going “who? who?” all the way down the list.

  6. probably early onset Alzheimers. Worrying as he’s about the same age as me.

    Why not go the whole hog and on the same rationale prevent non-gays from watching films or plays containing gay actors/characters as they could not possibly empathise or understand the gay character

  7. Andrew M – we did this a while back.when we counted Knighted commonwealth actors, there were more gay ones than the general population. OK s’pose they could be greater actors and over represented as knights that way,,, but luvviedom not over represented by the friends of dorothy, where’s the evidence of that?

  8. Andrew M – I’m straight, dammit. Straight! I love doing sex to vaginas. The way they come flapping at you like a moist pink flesh-bat makes me randy.

    Why can’t all the gay men I meet in public toilets understand this?!?

  9. ‘Richard E Grant believes that straight actors should not play gay characters.’

    I agree. NO ONE should play gay characters. Get ’em off my screen.

  10. As I’ve mentioned before whenever this crops up, which Greek Gods do these people want to take on the role of Zeus in any productions of Odysseus?

  11. The casting sessions are going to become even more awkward than they are already.

    “You are perfect for this high-paying, career-making, starring role but I just have to check if you are gay.”
    “Erm… yes… yes.. I’m gay honest! No one has ever been gayer. Gay, gay, gay, that’s me!”
    “Sorry, but Mr Grant says I have to have proof. Here’s Sven….”
    Enter oiled Adonis dressed only in hot pants.

  12. JS… A real actor worth his salt would make Sven burst out of his hotpants there and then… Regardelss of his actual sexual preference.

    That’s the whole *point* of acting…

  13. Runcie: it might be CGI but it won’t be gender neutral. There’ll be tastes on the gay side from the camp guy with a pink poodle through to the leather boys with a tache. Then the heteros from the nerd who they want to mother through to the hunk, one glance from makes the women have an instant orgasm & then faint. Same for the distaff side, the ultra-babe to Macron’s favourites, then the femme to butch spectrum. In a way, it’ll give the director free reign as he doesn’t have to deal with actor foibles. Whether it’ll be ‘art’ or not is another matter.

  14. Given it would be discriminatory to ask I look forward to the campaign to change the human rights laws.
    Watched the first episode of BBCs adaption of War of the Worlds, there was a comment about Ogilvy being maybe gay (you should hear what people say about me, confirmed batchelor that dresses well), felt like they were trying to indulge in box ticking.
    Haven’t watched any episodes since as it was pretty dire

  15. What if it’s some sort of comedy with 2 straight guys pretending to be gay, like the one with 2 firemen from a few years ago, or everyone assumes they are gay when they aren’t, or would this now be considered as culturally insensitive as blackface (pink face? Rainbow face?)

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