She may or may not have said it

But that’s not the problem she faces:

One of the MPs tipped to replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader has been accused of calling northern voters “stupid” in a row over who was to blame for the party’s election defeat.

Emily Thornberry, who represents a Remain-voting constituency next to Mr Corbyn’s in north London, is alleged to have told a fellow MP in a Leave-voting seat: “I’m glad my constituents aren’t as stupid as yours”.

Absolutely everyone thinks she could have said it so it will stick. More, everyone thinks she believes it even if she didn’t say it.

26 thoughts on “She may or may not have said it”

  1. @FrankH How can you establish that one group of many tens of thousands of people is “more “stupid” than another group of many tens of thousands of people? Apart from being gratuitously offensive it’s rather a silly proposal, isn’t it, which makes Emily Thornpumpkin the obvious choice for deputy leader.

  2. I voted for Thornberry as leader in “Labour List’s” open poll. Abbott as deputy – should be just as toxic to the normally-sane as the previous incumbents.

  3. @FrankH – I really doubt the “intelligence” of a group who voted for a financially-illiterate, terrorist-supporting, antisemitic bunch of Marxist clowns!

  4. She doesn’t like people who drive white vans or fly the union flag, so the ideal person to lead a party representing the British working class.

  5. TMB,

    The reasons that people in London vote remain are just based on different incentives. Islington is North London. HUGE numbers of people there work in bullshit government and quango jobs, or do the shit jobs like working in Pret-a-manger that depend on the bullshit government jobs. Leave means disruption to these people. The statists are scared of the government taking their bullshit job away.

    Non-metropolitan places in the North,like Doncaster, don’t have that. They’re heavily free market and things like retired people. With the manufacturing unions gone, they aren’t really Labour’s places now. Labour are living on old people’s nostalgia, and that isn’t going to last.

  6. I really want Thornberry to be Labour leader. She’s twice as repulsive as Corbyn, twice as inept and will guarantee the death of the party.

  7. Thornbellies would probably have less chance of seeing the point of view of a Northern working class (ex) Labour voter than she would of seeing her own toes without the aid of a mirror.

  8. She gives Bercow a run for his money for the most arrogant, awful person in Parliament (although he isn’t there any more).

    She would be an absolute gift as leader. There’s a reason you barely saw her during the election campaign.

  9. @Meissen Bison & @Baron Jackfield
    I said she might be right, not that she was right. But that doesn’t matter either because you see what you want to see.

  10. Dennis, Septic to the Masses

    Good to see that Britain’s lefties love the working classes as much as ‘Merican lefties do.

  11. The reasons that people in London vote remain are just based on different incentives.

    The reason London voted Remain/ Labour is because English people don’t live there anymore.

  12. But what about Jess Phillips who cries if Boris says humbug, just think how much fun PMQ’s would be. You could run a sweep on how long before she starts crying

  13. Bloke in Costa Rica

    In the context of the race to supplant Corbyn, the Daily Mail described Jess Philips as a “big beast” which, although accurate in the strictest sense, wasn’t very nice.

  14. There’s a dream ticket emerging – can you believe it? – featuring Rebecca Long-Bailey (the little one with the tiny features) and Angela Rayner (the horse-faced brunette: The Absolute Bay).

  15. Dennis, MP for Dunny-on-the-Wold

    @Dennis – They need to import themselves a new pro-lefty electorate. Hence the immigration floodgates been wedged open.

    Hey, they’re doing that in ‘Merica as well…

    What are the odds, eh? Talk about coincidence.

  16. Bloke in North Dorset

    If it goes to court where will it be held, where the alleged defamation took place? If so Flint could go round saying it her heart’s content, no local jury is going to convict her.

  17. Mr in North D, defamation juries are a thing of the past.

    Pcar, there’s more in that link than I’d want to express an opinion on absent more time than is available to me.

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