Sir Keir and the spell checker

Sir Keir Starmer’s Wikipedia page was edited this week to remove a reference to his being a “millionaire”, ahead of an expected leadership launch.

The passage was excised from the online encyclopedia in the early hours of Tuesday morning from an internet address traced to Northwest London.

The shadow Brexit secretary’s team has denied any involvement.

However, it came as Sir Keir, a former high-flying human rights barrister and Director of Public Prosecutions, was forced to deny he is too well-healed to lead the party as it seeks to regain the trust of northern working class voters.

The Telegraph there being caught out by using a spell checker, not a subeditor. (Spotter, Dee in NZ) For we, of course, prefer our Labour leaders with gaping unhealed sores. Even if well heeled.

7 thoughts on “Sir Keir and the spell checker”

  1. Surely a very significant proportion of the population comprises people who are millionaires.

    Give than MrsBud and I will be 100% self-funded retirees when the time comes, we need to be millionaires already otherwise we’d never get to retire.

  2. Are they still so stupid that they think a millionaire will be unacceptable to the “ordinary hard-working people” ?I

    I hope so.

  3. Nice to know that some Labour people are well and healed.

    The preponderance still seem to be suffering horribly, à propos of which there’s a fresh contender for leader of the Party whom I discovered on Guido this morning. Ladies and Gents, I give you Claudia Webbe: all of the hectoring charm of David Lammy without the intellectual baggage.

  4. The reason Keiry-boy should not advance in politics is the savage description “human rights barrister and Director of Public Prosecutions”.

  5. Isn’t Comrade Corbyn a “well-healed” millionaire too?

    As are Blair, Darling, Hoon (aka TCH), Millibands (Two kitchens Ed)….



    Edit his wiki to add that; then see removed in <1 hour – but history should have it

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