Such a misogynist society

The number of female MPs elected has hit an historic high overnight, with 220 women appointed to Parliament.

It means that more than a third of MPs are now women, with the Conservative Party in particular recording a dramatic rise in numbers.

13 thoughts on “Such a misogynist society”

  1. Yes, we’re such a misogynistic society that, out of the last 200 years, we’ve been ruled by women for 149 of them.

  2. Just when you were enjoying the departure of Anna Soubry, Heidi Allen, Antoinette Sandbach, Sarah Woolaston, Anne Milton and Laura Pidock…

  3. I hope to hell they are there on merit and not to make up the numbers. Examples of the latter are the thick-as-mince Jess Phillips and Rebecca Long-Bailey. It shows the state of the Labour party where they are considered potential candidates for leader.

  4. Not to mention the misogyny, racism and Islamophobia exhibit by the Tory party who have only had two women PMs and currently have a Muslim Chancellor and a female Home Secretary who is of Indian heritage.

    In fact of the six women who have held one or more of the four ‘Great offices of State’ four have been conservative

  5. The Torygraph website had a subhead earlier along the lines of “Women MP percentage only up from 32% to 34%. This is terrible”. I paraphrase, as it seems to have gone now. Politics at that level is a blood sport, and not too many women are up for or competent at being gladiators, as we have seen. Anyway, to all the elected ladies, try to enjoy it while you can.

  6. “The point still holds.” Balls; the point holds only if you’re daft enough to believe that we are ruled by our monarchs.

  7. We’ve still got Lady Nugee. And Dame Margaret Hodge. And Horrible Harbinger. And the Abbottamus.

    Come to that we still have Theresa Bloody May.

    In Edinburgh they still have Sturgeon; what will emerge, I wonder, from the trial of Alex Salmond? Put it in your diaries: due to start on March 9 and will last four weeks.

  8. Misogyny or no, I’ve observed in my own field that the women who thrive and survive are basically men with boobs (etc.). I cannot imagine why they want that of themselves, but that is, with rare exceptions, what they are. You could probably make the same case about women in other areas of work.

    I recently saw archive footage of Mrs T being interviewed on Wogan. She wore, IMS, a peach chiffon dress. And she flirted outrageously.

    I dare say there are lessons in there somewhere.

  9. I would be happier with increasing numbers of women in positions of authority if they were demonstrably more competent than men — because God Knows! we have problems with incompetent men.

    However, after Mrs. May, Mrs. Merkle, Mrs. Rodham-Clinton and a whole bunch more, it is hard to make the argument that women bring anything better to the party. It would be nice if we could celebrate character & competence instead of sexual organs & skin tones.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    It would be nice if we could celebrate character & competence instead of sexual organs & skin tones.

    I was listening to the New Statesman podcast* today and it seems that:

    If I say I hate Priti Patel because of her policies (support of death sentence for sake of argument) and think she’s useless, I’m a good up standing member of society.

    If I say I hate Dianne Abbot because of her policies (too many to mention) and I think she’s useless I’m a racist and misogynist.

    *They’d just go over their Brexit referendum grief and now we’ve gone and elected Boris the whole grieving cycle has had to start again.

  11. @Rob, TMB, Yan, Longmuir, BiND


    imo most female MPs behave like mummies/nannies and have a “family socialist” agenda & BA Grievance Studies

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