That Brexit uncertainty

Berkeley has also built up record cash reserves of £1.1 billion. It has indicated that it holds about £500 million of surplus cash that it will decide how to deploy once the political situation becomes clearer.

At some point the uncertainty, being cumulative, becomes more damaging than the act itself. We’re past that – in my view.

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  1. Well yes if you are going to get your bollocks chopped off then a quick sharp knife would be the best option . Not doing it at all appeals to me but then I still use mine.
    It is a mistake to imagine there will be any quick end to uncertainty though, we are at the beginning of a process that is headed for another No Deal brink and will take up the rest of our lives . Even if you agree that the current situation could hardly be worse , there is no question of reaching a Brexit resting place.
    It would be easy to creep back inside and as the old and stupid die off and the need to pay for things becomes more urgent thats probably what we will do.

  2. The EUBBC got a rude shock on their under 35’s Question Time when 50 % of the young turned out to be pro-Brexit.

    Comrade Beeb must have ass-umed–just like the Facepainting Fuckwit.

  3. ‘We’re past that’


    But you assume Brexit resistance was in fact about potential damage. Remainers don’t give a shi+ about that, it is just an allegation to sway the masses. Operation Scare.

  4. The latest Poll is panel base which came out on the 6th. It shows the same sort of lead for remain we have seen for the last two years (51/46). Brexit`s best friend comrade Corbyn is an electoral price many of us (myself included) cannot pay to stop it but that is no mandate
    My overriding bitterness is around the way a child`s idea of democracy has been used to subvert democratic process. This supposedly sacred proportional principle is nowhere to be seen now is it. Instead a transparently failing representative system has vomited up a choice between dumb and dumber, in no particular order with no remain option unbundled with a Bennite IRA supporting superannuated parochial debating society joke

    What a fucking country

  5. What a fucking country

    Yet you are still here. Then again, we all know you aren’t a fan of johnny foreigner.


  6. I’m a perfect example of it. My agricultural contractor quit a few months ago (a combination of loss of other contracts and the awful autumn sowing season has meant he needed to reduce the size of his operation). I’ve not got a single crop in the ground. I want to put the whole lot out to tender for a tenancy but I can’t because we’ve spent 3 years and counting doing something that should have taken five minutes (‘We’re off, bye!’) and no one has any idea how any sort of farm subsidy system will work in the future, or even if there will be one. Or whether it will be replaced by some sort of environmental bollocks instead (very likely one suspects). It would be stupid to sign any contracts in the current climate, when everything is so up in the air, subsequent changes in the law could come back to bite either party in the backside. So instead of providing someone with an opportunity to start farming, or to expand their existing operation, I’m sat on my hands, waiting to see what a) the outcome of the election is and b) what the agricultural policy of whoever wins will be. The latter could take some time.

  7. Hmmm there are some silver linings .It would take a heart of stone not to laugh at the fate of the DUP .Bye bye …Northern Ireland the border is BEHIND YOU!
    Its rather sweet that the old who did this then found their savings continuing to earn zip as interest rates had to be held down to avert the Brexit recession – instant karma
    If the farmers who voted for this found that we all got cheap imported food , they got no subsidy , like the rest of us and Penelope Simpson Wit Wart had ot give her pony back … would ease the pain

  8. Still banging on about your non-existent remain revolution Faceepainter?

    Jim–betrayed by the scummy globo-elite sucking Establishment. Given the “elite” aim to somehow be rid of 6 out of 7 human beings–nothing is going to improve unless we fight back. Of which Brexit is a big part.

  9. It is really difficult to determine meaning in Facepainter’s word salad but he seems to have realised that the politicians who want to remain in the EU toilet of despair and abandoned hopes are all very shitty. My stony heart is delighted

  10. @Mr Ecks

    Question Time Under 30s Special
    Show starts at 1:46

    @Jim December 11, 2019 at 2:18 pm

    Are you able to class all your fields as set aside and receive CAP £s

    Idea: motocross, grass tracking, trials, rally practice, enduro etc

  11. That under 30s QT was a disaster, who the hell is that stupid woman in a sack hosting it? She looked like a dope-head student drop out.

    I bet Farage regrets having appeared, should have sent Claire Fox.

    This is better

    Rod Liddle Rips Into Corbyn On Question Time

  12. @ Newmania
    There are 212,000 farmers in the UK equivalent to just over 1% of “leave” voters and less than one-third of the “Leave” majority. So your attempt to blame farmers for the referendum result indicates that you need to check your decimal points when you do arithmetic on your pocket calculator.


  13. I think we need to stay in the EU. The EU / EEC has brought decades of peace, prosperity, freedom and democracy to Western Europe.
    Boris is a 19th century imperialist Prime Minister not a 21st Century British leader.
    See this video for evidence.
    He has said some disgusting stuff.

  14. “I think we need to stay in the EU. The EU / EEC has brought decades of peace, prosperity, freedom and democracy to Western Europe.”

    Lol. Thats the EU thats currently trying to ride roughshod over the wishes of the people of Eastern Europe to not be invaded by hordes of African and Middle Eastern migrants, the EU thats forced the Greeks to suffer a drop in their GDP of one third, and the EU that replaced the elected leader of an EU State with a non elected EU functionary. You have a funny idea of prosperity, freedom and democracy………….

  15. ” The EU / EEC has brought decades of peace, prosperity, freedom and democracy to Western Europe.”

    ER, no. NATO has brought decades of peace, freedom and democracy to western Europe. As for prosperity, economic growth was faster pre-EU and, as fae as the UK is concerned, faster before we joined the EEC than afterwards.

  16. @Tony McRush

    “I think we need to stay in the EU. The EU / EEC has brought decades of peace, prosperity, freedom and democracy to Western Europe.”

    Peace was/is from NATO (USA, UK, Norway, not Germany) not EU. EU is trying to destroy NATO.

    We had democracy long before EEC/EU and EU is not democratic – which commissar did you vote for? Jim covered rest.

    PS Linking to official Labour PPB does not help your case

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