That’s cute

Lizzie’s not asking for the big money.

‘Bamie’s doing it for her.

Former President Barack Obama has privately defended and praised Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., to wealthy Democratic donors reluctant to support her after she swore off big-dollar fundraisers, The Hill reports.

Purity and cash, now how about that?

20 thoughts on “That’s cute”

  1. Questions spring to mind… Are they deliberately copying the Labour Party strategy? … Is Obama as toxic as Blair?

  2. Off topic but a merry Christmas to you Tim and anyone alongside you who make this site one of the must reads on T’interweb.
    Carry on sir and thanks

  3. If there is any lesson for the Far Left from the UK’s recent election, it should be: Don’t go into an election with a very unattractive leader. That is probably even more important in the US, where the leader is on everyone’s ballot. Warren may actually perform the almost impossible task of making Hillary! look warm(er) and cuddly(er).

    Besides, we don’t want to spend the next four years arguing about whether the name on the Articles of Impeachment should be Fauxahontas or Liawatha.

  4. Dennis, Former Blogger to the Gods

    Is Obama as toxic as Blair?

    He not so much toxic as irrelevant. His signature achievement – Obamacare – has been an unqualified disaster, and Trump has reversed his attempts to reshape foreign policy and the federal government. The last three years have exposed him as the empty suit he’s always been.

    The fact that he feels it necessary to signal his support to Elizabeth Warren indicates (to me, at least) just how weak Warren’s candidacy is at this time. Obama will not make her more likeable, less dishonest or shill, nor will it ease the legitimate concerns that her proposals are unworkable and counterproductive. Wall Street and Corporate America have made it clear to the Democratic Party that they view both Warren and Sanders as toxic and they will sit the election out if either is nominated. There is nothing Obama can do to change that.

  5. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    Does Obama secretly prefer white women?

    I suspect he’d prefer anyone other than Michelle.

  6. BO’s obviously really good at raising donations if he can waste $12 million on an imminently underwater mansion.

  7. UK Politics

    Never forgive and never forget terrorists
    A UK school is asking its UK pupils to do an essay from the perspective of a parent whose child was a victim of the Manchester bombing, saying they forgive the bomber for killing or maiming their children
    YT comments are good
    A mild one:

    The education secretary needs to dismiss this teacher and the head . No thought has been given to the relatives of the children / adults killed in this attack as to what trauma this disgusting action will have on them

    Boris and Stanley Johnson made some mince pies

    Merry Christmas

  8. Reminds me of some anti-gun female politician a few years ago who defended having armed bodyguards because they were carrying the guns, not her.

    The sophistry and dishonesty of these people is stunning.

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