That’s interesting

Nevertheless, given that transsexuals tend to have hypothalamuses that match their identified gender not their biological sex,

So we can test all those who claim then, eh?

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  1. A quick eugooglogy suggests this claim dates back to a mid-90’s Dutch study on a whopping total of 6 cadavers, and its replicability seems dubious at best.

    But assuming the real reason burly middle aged men with wives and children suddenly declare that they’re ladies is because of a brain defect, how long till we find a cure?

    *Eva Cassidy version of FIELDS OF GOLD plays*
    -Celebrity frowns in concern
    “Dave was a normal bloke who liked pints and rugby… until he was tragically struck down with Lady Brain. He soon found himself squeezing his beer belly into cheap stripper clothes from Primark, and he forgot how to reverse park…”

    –Monologue continues over a black and white montage of men struggling to squeeze their size 11’s into high heels, and tragically not knowing how to wire a plug—

    “Just £2 a month could help Dave, and other stubbly chubsters get the brain medicine they need to stop being embarrassing. Text LOLTRANNIES to this number now.”

  2. “Given that…”?
    I doubt it’s given at all. How many transsexual hypothalami would you need to study to justify the claim to 95% confidence? Many more than have been studied, I warrant.
    Also, “given” that the hypothalamus plays a central role in regulation of the endocrine system, it would actually be surprising if dousing the body with sex hormones did not have some morphological consequence.

    So what.

  3. Dennis, He Who Is Bored of and by LGBT+ Whining

    That’s interesting

    No, actually it isn’t the least bit interesting.

  4. transsexuals tend to have transsexuals tend to have hypothalamuses that match their identified gender that match their identified gender

    Highly suspect. Not least because gender (in this context) is a bullshit social ‘science’ concept.

    You might as well compare a chap’s hypothalamus to his aura.

  5. @Steve : The research you’re mentioning is actually still ongoing, and every transgender case that’s ran the (quite significant over here) hurdles to be diagnosed with gender dysmorphia and qualifies for gender re-assignment at the cost of society is asked if they want to donate their brain to that research if/when etc.. .
    In fact, a decent part of the assessment procedure is already part of that research, and you can have a fling or two through a range of MRI and brain scans if you’re inclined to help out figuring what’s really going on when you’re in gender re-assigment assessment.

    It’s part of a long-term collaboration project of the VUA, UMC, RUG, and RUN universities on brain morphology and its effects on the body/psyche that’s been running for decades, and is expected to run for at least another 5 decades.
    And it produces lots of interesting stuff, you just won’t find it under “human transgenders” . Most of the research behind the mechanisms is done on Xenopus, zebrafish, and rats, and published in papers that aren’t suited for Journalists because they require a bit more qualifications of the reader than “Guardian Columnist/Blogger”.

    And all that research has indeed given rise to the widely known article about transgender hypothalami and the differences in structure. They had enough of a baseline on standard morphology and the variance in that to go : “Hey…. That’s Weird…”

    Which brings us to @ Philip :
    When you are dealing with aberrations in the 1:10.000 incidence range, and find specific differences in morphology in each studied case, you have a Bingo.
    The trick is in knowing what things generally look like to actually spot the differences. Which they did.
    Your sample size needn’t be big at all to reach 95% confidence. It needs to be well-documented against a known “standard” background. Especially when that background is proven to be relatively ( this is biology..) inflexible in around 98% of the population.

    Incidentally.. The same research did find a morphological basis for male homosexuality, also based in the hypothalamus, although the variance there is much larger than for gender dysmorphia, so there might be more going on there.

    In this case it’s a matter of time to figure out more, given that there’s plenty of people who have given their assent to participate in this research. It’s simply that most of them are in their 30’s-40’s , so it’ll take a while for their brains to become ..available.. And meanwhile the researchers are busy honing their techniques and technology, and refining the “standard” that most of us follow.

  6. “Nevertheless, given that transsexuals tend to have hypothalamuses that match their identified gender not their biological sex, ”

    Which type of hypothalamus matches with ‘agender’? Maverique gender?–sexualities-and-their-definitions.html

    It’d be one thing if these people were claiming that, yeah, there are two genders and some for some people they don’t match their sex. Then you’d go ‘ok, I can see how that might be manifest in a gross physical structure’. But they’re talking about people who say their gender ‘changes with the tide’ – literally.

  7. Aggy: maybe they’re gravitationally sensitive. I can detect the changes in air pressure that presage a thunder storm.

  8. “But they’re talking about people who say their gender ‘changes with the tide’ – literally.”

    For which the proper scientific term is: “Lunatic” …

  9. Recusant – Thank you! I’m here all week.

    Grikath – I still dunno, for a number of reasons:

    *Science!™ is an increasingly politicised cult

    *My own bigoted prejudice tends towards perceiving reductive materialism as an epistemological fail when it comes to understanding the piece of work that is man

    * As noted by blokes passim, there’s allegedly more than two genders, and there’s almost certainly two or more types of tranny. The ladyboys of Bangkok (ooh missus) don’t seem to have much in common with big, burly ex-squaddies who decide to convert to ladydom late in life. And both groups seem equally dissimilar to confused children.

    It would be great if it turned out to be a simple brain defect that might be treated the same way we do schizophrenia or clinical depression, but my spidey sense tells me there’s a lot more going on here than mere biomechanics.

    I reckon, but can’t prove, that urbanisation, the evaporation of social capital, the replacement of traditional social networks with ersatz technological-based ones, and even diet might have as much or more to do with the very recent and historically unprecedented gendedammerung. There probably weren’t that many decepticons around in 1941, 1066 or 2000 BC, which raises the question of why now?

  10. @Steve
    Your Bangkok ladyboy and your middles aged chubster are perfect examples of the two types, as delineated by the prof who has studied this the longest. The latter is known as autogynaephilia.

    Your command of stats is clearly superior to mine. But it still looks more like Bayes Theorem than Bingo to me. Bear in mind that most patients presenting with gender dysmorphia will already have been self medicating. Even some common or garden diuretics can make you grow moobs, so Lord knows what else is out there. You may have access to figures on the prevalence of lady-hypothalamus in the normal population and if it is zero I will concede your case.

    Anyway, I think Steve is right. While the subject is interesting I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was “useful knowledge” on a par with knowing the offside rule or how to get a mouse out of the kitchen.

  11. I once got a mouse out of the kitchen. Little bugger had teeth like half inch nails.

    Anyway, I can’t improve on epistemological wossname, so that’s my contribution.

    Plus, use a dust pan and brush. For the mouse, that is. The burly truckers are probably too big for the d and b.

  12. While we’re on Trans

    Comedy in the era of Twitter outrage: An interview with Ricky Gervais
    The comedian on why he will never apologise for his jokes

    ..When the Twitter mobs come, he is never tempted to apologize. ‘You mustn’t, because that’s the end. The end of satire and the erosion of freedom of speech based on people’s feelings will have a catastrophic effect. It’s not just that comedians will be a bit grumpy or won’t be able to say things. It’s not the same as not allowing Bernard Manning to say the N-word on TV. It’s something much, much darker and more Orwellian. It really is.’

    He considers ‘hate speech’ to be the invention of those who ‘feel they shouldn’t have to hear something they don’t agree with, and want to complain. They can call the police because someone’s wearing a T-shirt they don’t like. This is actually happening.’

    By way of illustration he mentions the recent case of Harry Miller, the ex-policeman who was investigated by Humberside police for retweeting a poem deemed to be transphobic. Miller is currently challenging the police investigation in court. ‘The judge reminded the court that freedom of speech outweighs the right never to hear something you don’t like.’…

    Key take-away: Never surrender to Twitter Mob

  13. @ philip : you get and keep a proper cat, and don’t get squeamish when she ( toms are lazy fucks…) presents it to you as a token of appreciation, even if it’s in your bed. Quite a lot of terrier breeds work like a charm as well, if you can’t stand the little psychokillers and can stand the yapping.

    @ Steve: reductive materialism works, if you respect the boundaries of application. Biology deals with the hardware and the firmware/embedded OS. It doesn’t deal with whatever crap the user decides to install on it. That’s the territory of psychologists.
    And honestly, as a biologist I’m still trying to get my head around how the hell all of the hardware alone can be coded for with 2 dual-paired tokens in 3-bit units. And a bit of post-processing. And some clever recycling of ideas, and….

    @PCar: I thought the singular for a twitter user has been “twat” almost as soon as the service appeared.. Things haven’t changed since then…

  14. Edward Lud said:
    “I once got a mouse out of the kitchen. Little bugger had teeth like half inch nails.”

    It’s a lot easier to carry them out when they’re squished in a trap.

  15. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I had mice when I lived Oop North. They got in from a vacant property next door. They were cheeky little shits. I walloped one with the heel of a brogue while it was legging it along the bedstead, the wee fucker, and it went off like a paintball round. Another one decided to chance it running along the countertop in the middle of my prepping dinner with a 12″ chef’s knife in my hand. Neat anatomy lesson that was—bisected like a Damien Hirst miniature. I got on top of the problem by laying Raiders of the Lost Ark-level traps round the joint, baited with peanut butter. Went way one weekend and came back to find seventeen furry corpses. That learnt ’em.

    I couldn’t tell you what’s behind Sudden Onset Tranny Syndrome but I do know that humouring the delusional has not had particularly good outcomes in the past.

  16. @RichardT

    Yep, learnt that lesson when ~9 and caught mouse in hotel laundry/dish-wash room; little bugger turned head backwards and bit me, I stuck it in milk bottle and showed parents


    imo Sudden Onset Tranny Syndrome, esp children: it’s the trendy thing to do – tatts are so yesterday…

  17. ‘baited with peanut butter’

    Ever notice that when you use peanut butter as bait, when you find the trap with a dead varmint in it, the rest of the peanut butter is GONE?

    “Hey, Fred, you gonna eat that?”

    They eat around their dead buddy.

  18. That’s nothing. Mummy mice will eat their own babies. Lab mice do it all the time, especially first litters.

  19. @BiG

    I have splotted a mouse while wearing a long black dress, long black wig and black & white make-up – Halloween/Samhuinn Witch

    1 Winter
    2 Blue
    3 Prep

    Mice: Daddy mice eat the baby mice too, even when vegan food plentiful – God wants us/them to eat meat

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