That’s odd

Only Indian-owned Jaguar Land Rover has announced a major investment this year, and its decidedly British brand would surely suffer if it saw its future outside the UK.

Didn’t they say they were going to build their next model in Slovakia?

8 thoughts on “That’s odd”

  1. Whah! Whah!

    Germany’s car industry is in panic.

    Fascist control in a global market must fail. Industry’s capacity to absorb regulation is finite.

    The answer is to make England a better place to build cars than Slovakia. Take your boot heal off their necks and ask them what you can do to help them.

    Brexit is a great opportunity to slash regulations on British car manufactures. It should be considered absolutely necessary, not a threat.

    ‘Nothing has changed, to coin a phrase: a hard-Brexit threat still looms over any company that exports to the EU or beyond.’

    This is ignorant. Backwards. Stupid.

  2. Dennis, A Volvo Kind of Guy

    It’s easy find either brand in the US. They’re on the side of the road, waiting for a tow.

  3. Dennis, best smile I’ve had in 2019 was seeing a Tesla dead on the side of the road.

    I thought, “Hmmm . . . if gas car out of gas, you pour a gallon in and they drive to next station. With Tesla, what do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?”

    Tow it. There is nothing you can do.

  4. @Gamecock December 15, 2019 at 1:16 pm


    UK is doing OK despite EU, remove EU shackles and we should prosper

    One firm, Smith & Nephew (UK) exports more medical stuff to USA than rest of EU combined

    Sadly, Johnson’s “deal” Treaty shackles UK to EU regulatory alignment and not competing with EU. However, EU can compete with UK – JLR

  5. @Pcar
    True (as for most 4x4s), except the Model 3 base version is only 2WD. I think there are (a few, but increasing) recovery vehicles that include a diesel genny and a type 2 charger.

    More generally, had we Remained, what’s to stop all our car building heading for Eastern Europe?

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ More generally, had we Remained, what’s to stop all our car building heading for Eastern Europe?”

    Or to Japan now they’ve done a trade deal with that EU that includes car manufacturers.

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