The latest in LGBT rights

Pressing the UK government to outlaw dangerous and discredited conversion therapy

“Are you absolutely sure you want your knackers cut off? Never to have an orgasm again?”

“Right mate, you’re knicked for transphobia. Or practising conversion therapy.”

Or, to be less aggressive about it, we know that at least some body dysmorphia is a mental problem. We are to deny treatment of it?

7 thoughts on “The latest in LGBT rights”

  1. To mark Human Rights Day, the SNP has published a manifesto for LGBT+ equality.

    Every single word in that sentence proves Patrick McGoohan did nothing wrong in Braveheart.

  2. Trying to convert those who don’t want to be converted is stupid.

    Denying help to those who are experiencing thoughts/feelings that they don’t want to feel–help to be free of such– is more marxist evil.

  3. > Never to have an orgams again

    Not according to a transitioned acquaintance of mine who wrote of their recovery process from ‘bottom surgery’ that “The plumbing works. So does the electricity, that’s repeatable and, er, multiple too.”

    The outcome probably depends greatly on the surgeon.

  4. We could not at the time have known the full and inconceivable consequences we would visit on ourselves when we stopped routine use of ECT therapy, skull drills and lobotomies for the mentally ill

  5. So a young person confused about their sexuality has no options for proper counselling or discussion as anything that denies they might be gay/trans etc. will be outlawed.
    Parents are already getting flak for trying to even slow down the process with medical staff bypassing parents consent and using exemptions to allow them to use the child’s consent, i.e. they have suicidal ideation so the parents can’t object to hormone treatment as we the doctors are convinced it will be ‘life-saving’

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