They refused me vermine, therefore

I am frustrated too. That’s mainly with Labour. More so with Corbyn. From his inability to even tell his glasses were wonky onwards (and yes, these things matter) he ran a bad campaign. But the fault was not his alone. Those running the campaign, from Milne onwards, were very obviously clueless as to what was required.

I shall fulminate thusly.

36 thoughts on “They refused me vermine, therefore”

  1. It really takes something for a fat, red-faced shouty rude knob to point fingers at someone else’s personal appearance.

  2. Corbyn/Labour failed because they didn’t lie well enough. Few want their shi+. So they, like all Lefties, had to box it up into something different and sell that.

    They failed.

  3. “I didn’t post yesterday because I did not have time. I did write several mind maps to explore my own thinking. I suspect this was much more useful.”

    Long time since I’ve seen a Murphy mind map, although his asinine Venn Diagrams did reappear for a while recently

  4. I am reminded of Zork. ‘you are in a maze of twisty little passages all alike ‘.

    That’s a Murphy mind map.

  5. Swiss toni relisher of leftie tears

    Now over on ‘Labour list’ where you can relish all the soul searching, you can also complete a survey about who should be next Labour leader
    Of course I selected ‘2 left shoe’ abbotamus – the only ‘right’ thinking persons choice
    I urge you to complete.

  6. Swiss toni: I chose Lammy for leader & the left-footer as deputy. Plenty of other choices – Burgon, Nugee, Sheerman even. It would have been more entertaining if they had done Fantasy Shadow Cabinet.

  7. Now over on ‘Labour list’ where you can relish all the soul searching, you can also complete a survey about who should be next Labour leader

    I had to pay three quid to vote for Magic Grandpa but I get to vote for the Fatbot and David Lammy for free! 🙂

  8. Lady Nougat and two left feet.

    I also suggested that they might have done a whole lot better at the election if they had listened more to experts like Richard Murphy (he’s a Professor of Economics) when it came to the economy, money and similar issues….

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    Here’s one of Spud’s Mind Maps. To him its just another tool for writing out long lists: https://www.t*

    Tractor Gent, have they got enough MPs to form a shadow cabinet 🙂 ? The best thing is they have to really scrape the barrel so that will give us even more laughs.

    Now, off to Labour List, I think I’ll recommend that Keir Starmer self identifies as a black woman and agree with PF if I can.

  10. I nominate Richard Burgon.

    Apparently he was a solicitor before bringing his flatulent talents to scorch the green benches. Is it really possible to have practised as a solicitor and be this stupid?

    Imagine the depths of malevolence of that excellent fictional man of business, Mr Tulkinghorn, stripped of all guile and intelligence and you have Richard Burgon.

    It’s true, of course, that Burgon is not a woman but he makes up for this by being as ugly as Abbott although not as supercilious as Thornberry whose name begins truthfully enough fails to follow through with something more credible, like pumpkin.

    Burgon is not even 40. He could last for decades and never be in government. Vote Burgon.

    To digress for a mo…

    Have others watched John McDonnell being interviewed in his home by Sophie Ridge or indeed today by Andrew Marr? Does it strike interior design buffs that McNasty’s front room and furnishings are absolutely from the same era as his politics?

  11. As McDonnel has said he will go as well I assume Spuds just trying g to suck up to however the new leader will be, no doubt at some point there will be a McDonnel hated me so I must be ok pitch once the new leader is in place

  12. @ Meissen B
    Yes I saw that interview too- didn’t realize he was such a Laura Ashley fan curtain wise – which does indicate he hasn’t moved on -whether politics or interior design
    Murphy remains good value – and we have so much in common!
    Same age, FCA , university, though my house – and pension pot – is much bigger!

  13. Be interesting to see which way Ritchie jumps now.

    He’ll be 66 at the time of the next general election and even if Labour win, he is likely to be too old for a job then.

  14. As BniC says Murph will position himself accordingly when he sees which way the wind is blowing leadership wise
    He burned his bridges with grandpa Semtex and McDonnell so can start afresh with which ever bimbo- and it will be a girly – gets the leadership.

    As to age- 66 is the new 44 !

  15. It was notable in the run up to the election Spud was firmly behind Labour, the Greens, the Lib-Dems and SNP at various points.

    He’s also constantly predicting any and every possible outcome to an event and then claiming he ‘got it right’ when whatever er happens, happens.

    It’s sad that there is always someone new along to listen to his tosh, as his tosh is always whatever that person wants to hear but gratifying that no one can put up with him for long.

  16. @Swiss toni

    labourlist survey future leadership

    Leader: Richard Burgon – momentum thicko
    Dep: Emily Thornberry – snobby nanny knows best

    Why? Male white leader to stop the non-white donkey vote (Abbott Vote share: 70.3% ), white female deputy who is elitist and disliked

    Obama: elected because he was black – Abbott, Butler, Lammy… could result in same


    @TMB +1

  17. Are there any experts on fireplaces about? There’s what looks like a coal bucket to the left of McDonnell’s fireplace. Is it real fossil fuel then that he likes to burn at home, or does he burn it remotely like people with faux electric fires. Just curious.
    Personally if Marr came to my house, I’d fake a central heating malfunction and have the self-centred conversation torturer shiver. If he asks when it’s being repaired, I’d say due to the Nationalised Heating Service there’d be a GP ( general repair person) out in 21 days.

  18. @pcar
    Well – Not being a twitterer wasn’t aware of that- interesting
    Yes a white man – preferably Jewish to turn off the RoP vote. So come back ed miliband (not David) and lady nugee – to turn off everybody else
    That’s a dream team

  19. @Mr Bison
    Is it really possible to have practised as a solicitor and be this stupid?

    Mrs M (solicitor. non-practising) assures me that yes, yes it is.

    +1 for the Zork reference. I played it when it was ADVENTURE on a Honeywell mainframe c.1975. XYZZY

  20. I’d never heard of this Burgon clodhopper till a day or two ago.

    Can anyone point me to sources and evidences of his inadequacies.

  21. Lud,

    There were reports that some lawyers were delighted he managed to hold his seat? They were concerned he might otherwise have returned to the profession….

  22. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Burgon is David Lammy-grade stupid and also an utter bell-end, so he’s an ideal Momentum candidate,

  23. I remember Murph’s “Enough Economics” with the weird diagrams which he didn’t seem to grasp were numerically incontinent. It was a valiant, well, absurd, attempt to convert his moral aphorisms into mathematics. I think he was hoping for something akin to Russell and Whitehead’s Principia but for the dim witted mithering middle class.

    I am in favour of Corbyn remaining Labour leader or Thornberry taking over, since she is even more repulsive.

    I almost felt sorry for Caroline Flint, then I remembered her part in the smoking ban and didn’t feel sorry at all. The downfall of our next Prime Minister Jo Swinson was beyond glorious. As was the dismay of Jess Phillips. The only fly in the ointment was Yvette Cooper clinging onto her seat.

  24. I had to laugh at Rich’s cartoon on Guido this morning. However I don’t think Lisa Nandy will. He’s perfectly captured an underactive thyroid vacant stare there.

  25. This is the chap who also openly admitted (on Question Time) that, as a professional solicitor, he earned £40,000 per year. That might appear to be the calibre of the man?

    Top notch lawyers don’t usually go in for politics (or the bench*), because they don’t want to take the pay cut.

    * unless the missus has a hankering for being a ‘lady’.

  26. CM

    That’s quite a bit below “top notch”..:)

    But more than that. This was not just some ordinary MP (diversity in the House being no bad thing), he was the Shadow Justice Minister for Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition… And represented Labour in one of the election debates. As well as being so lacking in basic self awareness that he was happy to share that personal info on Question Time.

    I’d ideally want a lawyer in that role to be one that was several grades above whatever decile one might reasonably have presumed….

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