This doesn’t bode well, does it?

Vicky Pryce’s new book. About why capitalism causes gender inequality.


Look who blurbs it:

“Superb. An authoritative manual for the men upholding capitalism while holding back women and the economy, and a guidebook for women who want to change the world.”– Ann Pettifor, author of The Production of Money

“A long overdue dissection of the vital subject of gender equality, through Vicky Pryce’s forensic economic lens.” — Polly Toynbee, The Guardian

“A shocking, lucid account of how capitalism holds women back. If we are all to have a future, government policy must fundamentally change. Now.” — Danny Dorling, University of Oxford; author of All That Is Solid and Peak Inequality

“Vicky Pryce lends an eloquent voice and a forensic analysis to the growing worldwide realisation that capitalism needs to change.”– Kate Pickett, co-author of The Spirit Level

“Vicky Pryce is one of Britain’s most distinguished economic commentators. Her impassioned criticism and rich analysis argue powerfully that women’s economic equality is both a moral question, and good economic sense. A clear-sighted call for change.”– Rachel Reeves MP

“Gender equality is an ongoing struggle fought on several fronts. The economic case presented here by Vicky Pryce has never been made so well or so vigorously.”– Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, author, columnist and broadcaster

It’s gonna be tosh, isn’t it?

20 thoughts on “This doesn’t bode well, does it?”

  1. If only some fantastic trick of computer hacking and incompetent leftist proof-reading could send her garbage book out with my assessment amongst the other–more glowing– statements made above

    “Rotten lying Marxist cockrot–Mr Ecks”

  2. Vicky Pryce? Vicky “I was driving, honest” Pryce? Vicky “500 votes from Deputy Prime Minister in jail” Pryce?

  3. Does anyone know the stats on how many mothers worked under communism? I’m guessing not huge numbers considering how much time was spent queueing for food.

  4. Pretty much all of them. Stay at home Mum wasn’t a career option. And they still did all the domestic work too.

  5. The book could have been about anything, “Why Capitalism Causes ”. Insert a load of easily refuted balls and the Twitterati will lap it up.

  6. Capitalism is bad because men get paid what they earn and women get paid what *they* earn.
    We’ve been told this hundreds of times before.

  7. The only thing that has held that woman back is her lack of personal integrity

    That and habitually shacking up with some prize wankers…

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    You can have freedom or you can have equality.

    As Douglass Murray points regularly, they aren’t stopping at equality.

  9. With such glowing recommendations, it’s almost mandatory reading for Tim, I guess…

    Should be giving him months worth of copy for the slow days picking it apart… 😉

  10. Some free speech advocates pointed out you can have free speech or the right to never be offended and that unfortunately in some areas the trend in law is favouring the second option for certain groups

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