This doesn’t bode well

Zac Goldsmith, who lost his seat in the general election, has been given a life peerage so that he can keep his role as environment minister.

Former editor/owner of the absurdly extremist Ecologist magazine is a Minister.

In a Tory government.

11 thoughts on “This doesn’t bode well”

  1. Deben and Goldsmith will make us long for the golden age of crooked Ed Davey. Surely it is time for the promised bonfire of quangos

  2. Bloke in North Dorset


    It depends how seriously Boris takes it. With luck he’ll have put them in there as a bone (or veggie equivalent) to keep the green blob quiet while Boris goes about the serious business.

    Unlikely, I know, but I live in hope.

  3. I keep hearing this “Oh, Boris doesn’t really believe this crap, he’s just saying it to keep the green blob/his bird happy. He’ll soon bin it.” but meanwhile, we’re spending a lot of money on windmills, our energy prices are rising rapidly, our energy grid is getting less reliable, industries are moving to the far east and the green blob is screaming that we’re not doing enough and we’re not doing it fast enough.

    Looking at the way our Tory government has caved to these nutters already, I foresee Boris and co. giving in and bringing year zero forward by five or ten years and then by another five or ten years and suddenly we’ll be scavenging for firewood in the nearest forest, (or ripping up the floorboards in the council flat in Hounslow).

  4. Cummings wants to adopt Professor Richard Jones’s idea of building small modular nuclear reactors in the North of England. At least he realises you can’t run a modern economy on wind and solar.

  5. In 2013 Cameron told his ministers to ditch the green crap. He saw the impact it was having on fuel bills. Obviously the Maybot was keen on the green crap but you might expect the events in France and Chile to have come to Boris’s attention

  6. How many more no/lost seat wet, green remoaners is he going to ennoble?

    Useless Morgan first, now Nice but Dim Zac

    Not looking good

    Lord Letwin and Lady Rudd next? I won’t hold my breath for Lord Dodds or Lord Tice

  7. … building small modular nuclear reactors in the North of England.

    I’ve seen this before as well. Does anybody think we can build a dozen nuclear power stations in the next twenty years? The environmental impact reports won’t be finished by then. And don’t forget all the lawfare that the greens will indulge in. We can’t even build a railway these days let alone a nuclear power station.

  8. Kevin — There is no problem building the nuclear reactors. Just give the job to the Chinese, and let them follow Chinese laws & regulations. Hey! Let the Chinese finance those reactors as well — at least it would not be necessary to subsidize them, unlike those bird-whackers.

    To be serious, Boris the Unreliable built his election victory speech around (a) throwing more taxpayer money at socialized medicine, and (b) making it harder for anybody to pay taxes by going “carbon neutral”. Conservative does not mean what it used to mean. Boris is lying to somebody — I am not sure who, maybe himself.

  9. @Kevin B

    We build small modular nuclear reactors for subs

    RR has had one running in iirc Derby for decades

    Buying? South Korea sells proven good low-cost ones installed on time and on cost.

    Dear Santa, please give Boris a spine with inbuilt default of telling Greens and Greta to sod off

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